Happy 2nd (belated) bloggaversary!

I absolutely, completely forgot to mention this. But on day 1 of the convention (August 20th), World of Matticus turns 2 years old. We may be one of the oldest blogs around, but we’re still going strong!

Thanks for your support and reading… ness. I’ll be back on schedule soon enough. I’m trying to exploit and enjoy California as much as I can. Gosh, I wish I could live down here and find a career here as well. It’s so beautiful. Hardly no snow, no rain.

On the other hand, I encountered this “Socal” traffic on the 5 on the way home. I’ll never understand it. Some times we speed along just fine and then we’ll hit a stop where it slows to a crawl and then we speed back up again.

Also, meeting real people who read blogs especially this one? Completely surreal experience. Difference between commenting, tweeting and actually shaking hands, hugging, and chilling around a table with beers. I am always willing to do more of the latter.

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About Matticus

Matticus is the founder of World of Matticus and Plus Heal. Read more of his columns at WoW Insider. League of Legends player. Caffeine enthusiast.


  1. Congrats on the anniversary, and enjoy your stay! I can’t recall how I stumbled across Matticus but I’m glad I did. Your blog has been a great source of information AND entertainment/ enjoyment. Keep it up!

  2. Matticus, you are special! You don’t only shine as a high quality WoW blog – you keep contributing to the community, developing new projects, such as PlusHeal and that UI site, encouraging and discovering new upcoming bloggers and generally putting up a good, inspiring example for us all.

    Please accept my most sincere thanks for what you’ve done under those years.

    Cheers for you and for your co-bloggers!
    .-= Larísa´s last blog ..Cataclysm: Triumph of the Social =-.

  3. Happy Bloggaversary! It’s a great thing you’ve got going here and I look forward to follow what you do through year three!
    .-= Frijona´s last blog ..Post Weekend Update: Big Tongues over Puppy Men =-.

  4. Congrats on the anniversary! I’ve been reading you guys for a couple months now (can’t belive i didn’t come across the blog before considering i’ve been playing for almost 2 years as well >.<!) but i love the info about healing classes and also about guild management, i tend to be the raid leader of our guild and even tho it can be a hard position to play i find a lot of challenge on it.

    Thank you so much for the awsome posts!

  5. Gratz! Hm, 2 years… that is indeed a nice time. I’m reading this blog nearly a year I think.

    Good job Matt!

  6. Woot grats on the birthday! Awesome blog 🙂
    .-= We Fly Spitfires – MMORPG Blog´s last blog ..WoW Character Model Revamp =-.

  7. Grats on the bloggaversary! Matticus was the very first WoW blog that I found online and one of the main reasons I started a WoW blog myself. Keep up the good work!
    .-= Abi´s last blog ..New to blogging or at a stalemate with your current blog? =-.

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