Hagara down! (Old news)

Hard mode Hagara is definitely a fun fight. Our kill night week was marked with a guild first. It’s never happened before in our history. Something so unprecedented, so unexpected and uncharacteristic.

We scored a progression kill while I was in a Shadow spec

Don’t worry, don’t worry! When we started learning it, I was still healing!

Right now we’re working, on that Yor’sahj guy. Our best attempts saw him hit the mid 30% range with 2 minutes left to go. We’re going to come real close to hitting that enrage timer. I’m a little behind on my Shadow gear (and I just activated my 2 piece bonus yesterday and am still looking for ways to increase that DPS higher). And yes, the reason I’m still Shadow is that we have a fair number of healers. On our next attempts, we’re going to try to run the play with 5 healers instead of 6 and hope that it’ll be just enough power.

We’ve lost several players in the past few weeks to real life, I’m afraid. If you’re looking for a stable guild for the next expansion (or just a group of players to hang out with any play other games like League of Legends and Starcraft 2 with), do check us out. I changed the URL and everything to be more reflective of what we are now.

Since BlizzCon’s been cancelled this year, the crew still wanted to meet up. If there’s anything I personally look forward to, it’s meeting up with the rest of my fellow crazy gamers once a year (and only once a year). We’ve settled on Vegas in late October as the time to hang out.

Such activities will include:

  • IRL need rolling (I love Craps)
  • Go Karting (Conquest Cup, 50cc, no blue shell)
  • Entertainment (Whenever I meet up with these people, there’s always a new chapter in the Matticus saga)
  • Relaxing (Eating, drinking and lounging around)
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