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The guild talent point system is an upcoming feature in Cataclysm that will allow guilds to invest points into certain special abilities. It’s the same idea when it comes to our individual classes. The only difference is the fact that guild talents will either give your guild some cool abilities or passive perks.

So Blizzard! My birthday is coming up shortly in another week and 2 days. I know you’re hard at work on Cataclysm and Icecrown. One of the biggest features I’m waiting for is the new upcoming Guild talent point system.

I’m aware you’ve included example talents like extra gold on mobs, reduced repair costs, mass resurrect and the ability to summon everyone to a certain point. I’m no game designer and I doubt I’ll ever make a good one. As a guildmaster, I have my own wishlist of guild talents I’d like to see. If you have time, I’d very much appreciate it if you could look it over. I don’t expect you to use any of them but I hope something on my list might inspire your talent designers.

  • Cauldron of Enlightenment: Alchemists are able to create a Cauldron of Enlightenment which is able to produce 25 Flasks of Enlightenment. Flask increases your highest individual stat by 40. (Remember, this is when spell power and mp5 and such gets compressed down to base stats).
  • Bug out: Immediately renders a player immune to fires on the ground… by teleporting them out of the instance, removing them from raid, and from guild.
  • Overdrive: Haste of all members in raid increased by 25%. Does not stack with Heroism or Bloodlust. Causes Exhaustion. Only usable by the Guild Leader.
  • Skilled Negotiator: All faction discounts increased by an additional 5%.
  • Asylum: The 10 yard radius around you is instantly converted into a sanctuary. You cannot attack opposite faction members and opposite faction members cannot attack you. Lasts 30 seconds. Not usable in PvP.
  • Let’s be pals: Reputation gains increased by 5/10/15% (Okay, that’s too much. I guess a realistic number would be 2/4/6%)
  • Slavedriver: All crafting professions create items 10/20/30% faster.

What about you, the rest of my readers? What type of guild talents would you like to see? Remember, the rule is that you cannot include any ability that could aversely affect PvE or PvP. So no class damage modifiers. I only included the pseudo-heroism for guilds that might not have a Shaman.

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  1. Half the Bait
    Fish Feast materials are cut in half (save the spices).

    Got Interest?
    Guild Bank deposits now gain a small amount of interest.

    I’m a bit tired to think of anymore right now. I’ll come back with some better ideas.

  2. “The only certainty in Life is Death and Taxes”: Tax all guild members on gold gained from looting 1/2/5%, that is added to guild bank.

    “Home at Last”: All Guild Members gain a second hearthstone that can be set to a different inn that their normal hearthstone.

    “Chariots of Fire”: all guild members gain 5/10% movement speed increase.

    “Jockey for Power”: all guild members gain 2/5/10% mounted movement speed increase.

    “Corpse Looters, INC”: All guild members receive 5/10% more gold when looting corpses.

    “Gatherer Nation”: All guild members with gathering professions (Skinning, Herbalism, Mining) have a 5/10% increased chance to obtain a rare item.

    “All for One”: Full groups consisting of only guild members receive 5/10% increased gold from looting, as well as 5/10 increased chance for higher ilvl gear drop from slain mobs.

  3. I choked on my tea on the Bug out. That was funny! Of course I would probably be guildless then.

    “Armor All” protects all squishies for 15/20/30 seconds from direct damage. 1 hour cooldown. Of course this is more of a raid talent, but could be effective.

  4. taufmonster says:

    I do realize that some of these are jokes. But I must remind the commenter that it has been stated that the guild talents will provide no combat advantages, which the Cauldron, Overdrive, and Speed Increase, and Armor All talents would fall under.

    However… I would like to see

    Help Me! – 1 hour cooldown guild member summoning ability.

  5. I rather like “Asylum”! Especially as a mage, I need some cooldown time to regain mana, etc. And I loooooooove Dracomage’s idea of “Home at Last”..!

    How about guild-specific mounts? Like…turquoise striped tigers or something. Okay, I know this is a girly suggestin. But I’m a girl. And I would love that kind of mount.
    .-= nevis´s last blog ..Gym rats =-.

  6. You need to remind Matt too… Overdrive was one of his. And I really don’t get the Asylum one. Rez all your dead compadres after you sucked in World Pvp? Or long enough to sneak a couple people into [insert enemy city name here] so they can ransack the capital?
    .-= Leiandra´s last blog ..The Bowling Post, Part 2 =-.

  7. Oh I don’t know about that. Overdrive just offers Heroism related buffs to a guild instead of having to rely on a Shaman all the time. It’s one talent point they could invest in to get it. It wouldn’t stack with exhaustion or whatever the blood lust effect is either.

    Cauldron just cuts into flask making time substantially. It’s not directly affecting individual abilities of classes or what not. It just makes stuff really convenient. (But it would be cool to have some sort of superflask for everyone that isn’t as good as individual flasks).

  8. If Overdrive didn’t stack (which I did see in your original suggestion) AND it provided the same Exhaustion debuff, then I could see how maybe they’d implement this. Heroism/Bloodlust is afterall, the only ability that only one class has. It’s technically against what Blizzard said they would do… sort of. Well… maybe it’s a gray area.

    As for the flasks cauldron, I can see them making a Cauldron of Flasks that is just as good as normal flasks… maybe even a little better… but this would be one of the guild recipies that you could buy, not a talent. Now, if they make the flasks last longer, that would make sense as a talent.

    Same thing goes for the mounts… would probably be something like the Bind-to-Guild items they’ve mentioned.
    .-= Leiandra´s last blog ..Leiandra on Twisted Nether Blogcast =-.

  9. Dracomage’s : “The only certainty in Life is Death and Taxes” is one I can totally see them putting in.

    The idea of “Cauldron’s of XYZ Flasks” (Similar to the Flask of the North), is an interesting idea. It’d be a nice perk for 5 mans, and if they continue their instance structuring, the 10 man Normal instances. Only requiring real flasks from guildies for Hard Modes. But, I could also see them saying “No Dice” as it’s technically a combat enhancement.

    I could also see some type of “Remote Guild Bank” access being added very easily. That would be a definite perk! Many, many times does it seem our MT forgets about all the Pygmy Oil/ Ogre Suit’s he’s got in the bank…
    .-= Canes´s last blog ..\(-.-)/ =-.

  10. I’d like to see something along the lines of customizable mounts, like we can tabards. Guilds would able to make custom paint jobs that can be applied to any existing mount players own, but not alter the textures themselves.
    .-= Professor Beej´s last blog ..True Blood Season 2 – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. =-.

  11. They’re not doing the tax thing. They’re already adding extra gold dropped on each mob that will go to the vault. AND, they’ve already discussed the talent regarding this that you can increase that amount via talent. Trust me, they won’t do a tax that will take away from the individual player… too many people would revolt. lol
    .-= Leiandra´s last blog ..Leiandra on Twisted Nether Blogcast =-.

  12. They also already mentioned a mass summon or mass resurrect as the choices for the end talent in the tree.
    .-= Tara´s last blog ..Heroic 10m Anub’arak strategy =-.

  13. I can’t really think of any appropriate guild talents but I’m looking forward to the native exp gain that will accompany Cataclysm. It’s certainly going to make leveling easier and will definitely encourage people to stick with a single guild for a while 🙂
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  14. I can’t see them allowing people to have 2 hearthstones. But allowing a guild to set a major city as their “Guild Home,” which lets guild members teleport there on a 1-hr cooldown (and possibly receive an extra rest bonus if logging out there)…that, I can totally see.

  15. Something that gave additional chances for procing on crafting?

    Love the ‘Help Me’ idea, I recently fell off a click near teldresil with my hearth on cd n no locks to be seen, It was a very long walk on water!

  16. I would probably quit if the Asylum change went through. PVP is meant to be encouraged on PVP servers. If you don’t like PVP, roll on a PVE one! 🙂

    The other ideas sounded quite nice, though.
    .-= Dusknoir´s last blog ..The 10 Best Moments in Shadow PVP =-.

  17. I can see the heroism/bloodlust thing, assuming it doesn’t stack with the shaman effect. This would be a major boon to guilds who do 10-man only content, lending them more freedom with their raid comp.

  18. School Time!

    Rings a school bell that summon all online guild members to the guild hall. Can be used once a week, can be ignored by pressing the truanting button. Truanting 5 times in succession results in a gkick.

  19. As a raiding shaman, I have to say I -really- like the “Overdrive” idea. Over the past month/patch/expansion/year/decade, I’ve heard quite a bit of complaining over Shaman being absolutely needed for bloodlust- especially after “Bring the Player, Not The Class” came into being. I think that this Overdrive idea is kind of awesome for “fixing” that, as it:

    A) Is not as amazing as Bloodlust/Heroism’s 30% haste, but is still welcome
    B) By limiting the ability to just the guild leader of a guild that has wracked up enough guild talent points to get it, you solve the issue of keeping Bloodlust a shaman-unique ability by not giving it out to another class that 7%(or something) of the level 80 population plays.

    An issue for this would be ten man, groups, however: If you’re in a 25 man raiding guild that only has one or two shaman, what happens when those shaman are in the raid group with the guild leader? The other 10 man that might arise has no heroism or overdrive! Splitting it between Gleader and the next 2-3 online second ranked individuals might work.

    I’m pretty sure I just ended up rambling about one very specific element of your post vs. the entire thing, but I can not deny it had me intrigued! 😛
    .-= Elam´s last blog ..Beating the Beasts. =-.

  20. I saw “Cauldron of Enlightenment” and I assumed it was for reducing drama.
    .-= MomentEye´s last blog ..Rain Stopped Play =-.

  21. Not so sure I’d agree with the notion that players would ‘revolt’ against a ‘guild tax.’ Warhammer has that feature built right in. In only taxes income looted off a mob (not, for instance, the money you get vendoring an item you lotted off said mob), so the individual player really doesn’t feel it too much.

    In my guild on WAR, we ran with a 75% rate for awhile.

    On the flipside, though, it’s easier to justify when there are things guilds need to spend it on more than just “repairs” and “trade goods.” Guilds in WAR might drop some coin out on siege engines and the like, which is a lot easier to get behind.

    A tax would be huge, though. Huge. The guild I used to run had a monthly Levy, and it was a bureaucratic nightmare. Little things like this make a huge difference.
    .-= Apoptygmaa´s last blog ..Druids training complete =-.

  22. About guild mounts. I wonder if you can have a new store, the custom paint shop and get all sorts of neat additions like some sweet pin stripping. Maybe a tatoo or two. I want fuzzy dice hanging off my tiger’s ear. OK, maybe I shouldn’t post this.

  23. @Matticus

    Guess he really can’t stand the look of his Orc lol

    It’s also been talked about, but the option to enhance the guild tabard would be nice. I wonder if they’ll do the “champion” type thing again. If so, I could see a certain amount of “Rep/XP” related to wearing the tabard come into play with the guild leveling system.
    .-= Canes´s last blog ..\(-.-)/ =-.

  24. Gang Colours (or colors if you prefer)

    Takes the guild logo and colors and puts it on your cloak.
    That way you can still wear a faction tabard and show your guild logo – win!.

  25. I love the “let’s be pals” talent. Anything that makes rep grinding easier is a big win!
    .-= Frijona´s last blog ..Friday Linkday: September 18, 2009 =-.

  26. The Flask idea sounded nice at first, but after a bit of thinking, I realized that it would affect the current flask market by reducing (or eliminating) the demand. So, as an alchemist that likes the easy Flask money that we have today, I vote NO for the cauldron 🙂 (Don’t touch my cheese!)

  27. [Band of Brothers] Gives you +1 of your highest stat for each guild member in proximity (40yd).

  28. “Useful”: Raid bosses killed will drop prismatic orbs in an amount depending on its size and difficulty. Prismatic orbs can be used in place of 1 rare material for guild patterns and recipes only.
    “We know them”: Receive a 5/10/15% discount while repairing from factions that at least 10 guild members are exalted with at all times.
    “Guild Mascot”: Any server first boss kill in which at least 75% of the raid is comprised of guild members can be elected as a guild mascot and mailed to all guild members to represent your achievements. Guild members that joined after the kill are excluded, and upon changing the mascot, the previous pet will disappear from all player’s inventories.
    “Friends with benefits!”: Guild tabard awards 10% increased experience and 10% increased mount speed (does not stack with similar effects). If it is not possible to earn experience, the enemy will reward 10% additional gold, deposited straight to the bank.
    “Hold on tight!”: Upon a scheduled calendar event pre-existing for at least 8 hours and specifying a location occurring, the creator of the event will be able to summon a guild members in the group and within 20 yards directly to the summoning stone.

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