Healing Beth’tilac

The fight’s divided into two stages: A whole bunch of ad control in phase one followed by a burn phase. We’ll go over each aspect of the encounter from a healer perspective.

Dividing the raid

Web team: 1 tank, 2-3healers healers, 5-7 melee DPS
Surface team: 1 tank, 3-4 healers, rest of the DPS

Phase 1

In the first phase, the raid is split into two different groups. One group heads above the web in order to engage Beth’tilac while the other group stays on the ground dealing with the various spiders that spawn. Once Beth’tilac’s energy reaches 0, she’ll perform a Smoldering Devastation which nukes everyone above the web. After 3 Smoldering Devastations, the raid enters the final phase and it becomes a race.

Web team

Once your raid takes down Cinderweb spinners, a platform is free allowing players to jump onto it which lifts them up above the web. Send your tank up first. They need to survive long enough until a healer gets up top on the second platform. Any short defensive cooldowns should be used. Park 1 healer on the tank, 1 healer on the DPS. There should be enough cross healing going on to sustain everyone.

Watch for meteors and avoid them. They’ll burn a hole through the webbing. Pay close attention to the energy remaining on Beth’tilac. Once it reaches 0, she’ll activate her Smoldering Devastation which deals ~400000 damage to everyone close. 

I plan to send up a Holy Priest (me) and a Holy Paladin. If that isn’t enough, I’ll yank up a Shaman as well.

Ground team

The rest of the healers will be staying on the surface. You’ll want to put at least 1 (maybe 2 healers) on the tank down below as they’ll be manoeuvring the big spider ads. While the DPS players are busy AoEing the ads and switching back to the big spiders (Cinderweb Spiderlings) when there’s nothing to AoE, the healers will be spent handling residual AoE damage like Ember Flares as an example. Try to position yourself in a relatively centralized position so you can reach out and heal the players AoEing and the tanks.

Most importantly, do not stand in front of the bigger spiders.

Final phase

Happens after the third smoldering devastation. Definitely layer your defensive cooldowns. Totems, Hymns, Barriers, whatever you have, just use the works. Your raid should be stacked up neatly directly behind the boss. It takes some time before the soft enrage catches up and the damage essentially becomes unhealable. Frenzy increases Beth’tilac damage by 5%.

If you’re on tank healing, pay strict attention to which tank has Beth’tilac. The tanks will be switching every 20 seconds to avoid the Widow’s Kiss.

Cooldown rotation

Here’s an example of how I intend to stack the raid cooldowns we have after we enter the last phase. Feel free to modify the order or number of cooldowns at your own discretion. Once the boss has 10 stacks of Frenzy, I’ll be calling for these one after the other. With Heroism used immediately, that grants the healers the additional haste to maintain raid health before Frenzy gets difficult to get through.

Power Word: Barrier
Spirit Link Totem A
Divine Hymn A
Divine Hymn B
Spirit Link Totem B

Debuffs to add

The Widow’s Kiss


Keep Fade handy. With the amount of ads going around, you’re bound to attract some attention. If you’re up top, be aware of the players around you. Bonus points if you pull off a Life Grip on a player just before Smoldering Devastation hits.


Your Telluric Currents targets will be the big spiders on the bottom if you can afford to do any damage at all. Drop a Mana Tide totem while the first or second Smoldering Devastation is going on.


I never tried Beth’tilac with any Druids so I never got a chance to see if they did anything special.


I’m not sure if the mini-spiders are stunnable, but if you see a small spider bolting for the bigger spiders, try stunning it with a hammer.

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