Guest Casting on the Rawrcast

I mentioned Monday that I would be appearing as a guest on the Rawrcast.

Stomp asked me to help her out and solicit some questions from the readers here. I believe the topics will be on:

  • Dual specs
  • Mana regen
  • Ulduar
  • Anything else is fair game
  • Go to this post and flood her comments (or email) accordingly.

    I’m getting grilled tomorrow (Friday afternoon).

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  1. As a raid leader, what sort of functionality do you want to see from dual specs? ie. how do you imagine it being used

  2. Are you making any preparations for the mana regen nerf? As a resto druid with 1370 ish spirit would you recommend swapping for some mp5+int now or wait until the patch hits to see how bad it actually is?

  3. * Are the any future plans to make dual spec have multiple specs (any number greater then 2). Is this option even considered?
    * Will Ulduar have “attunment” requirments in any way (completing naxx perhaps?) Or is this a matter of the past?


  4. I have a couple quick answers for wow guides.

    #1: yes. We’re in a wait and see phase, though, until Blizzard sees what the demand for that would be.

    #2: no. Attunements are history. The devs have defended this change in blue posts.

  5. Thanks guys! I have made note of your questions and they will all be addressed. Be sure to listen to the next episode of The Rawrcast Show!

    Stompalinas last blog post..How not to be a Deathtard- DPSing in PuGs.

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