Guardian Spirit Works on Kel’Thuzad

Derevka from Tales of a Priest asked me to issue a World of Matticus all points bulletin:

8:50 PM Derevka: word to the wise, Kelthuzzad CAN be buffed with Guardian Spirit while you are MC’d. We had 10 seconds of “OMG DONT KILL HIM!”

For those of you unaware, if you kill a subject with the Guardian Spirit buff active, they gain 50% of their health back. For most of us, 50% is no big deal. But if you’re sporting a bajillion health, 50%’s a pretty honkin’ big deal that would make Howie Mendel proud.

So if you’re on the last legs of the encounter and a Holy Priest get’s MC’d, make sure you CC him like crazy. If he gets the wings off, try to break it with a Purge or Dispel.

As Wyn always tells me, you can’t spell success without CC!

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  1. /eyes open wide

    Jesus H. Christ, you can heal KT to 50% with Guardian Spirit? NOBODY TOUCH THE BASTAGE!

    Thanks Derevka for the heads-up.

  2. OUCH!! So far, I haven’t been so unlucky, but I will sure as hell scream for CCs when MC’d by KT. (We need more abbreviations, right?)

    Kestrels last blog post..Bloggers Helping Bloggers: A True Story

  3. I thought CC now stood for Constant Consecration. Who knew!

  4. It is frightening that it can be cast on him, but I wonder if it would actually go off. Would be super hard to test…

  5. Yeah, I dont think half of my raid group last night fully understood why I was like “KT has Guardian Spirit!!!!!”

    Derevkas last blog post..Add On Corner: DiscRecount

  6. pretty sure GS has a cap of 30k on it now because of all the people abusing this on the faction leaders.

  7. @george: You got a source for this? I’ll try to find one but if you have one, do let me know!

  8. That makes me think of the time we were doing Nef. He died only to have a second Nef spawn on top of him….

  9. I thought they capped this to only return something like 30K, on account of it being abused on the City Leaders?

  10. 30k? What, maximun health? But all 25man tanks have more than 30k hp
    edit: I got it with wowhead comments =P
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  11. Tanks would have to have more than 60k health for this to be an issue with Guardian Spirit as it heals you to 50% health on death… not to full.

    Veneretios last blog post..Deciding on the Best of Today’s Shields

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