Free T6 for Shamans

Well, at least for Resto Shamans anyway. Some friends of mine were checking out some T6 gear and to their surprise, they discovered that the T6 Restoration gear required no tokens to purchase. Of course, you need to be attuned to Mt. Hyjal to be able to make the purchase. Elemental Shamans and Enhancement Shamans did not have this luxury. Unfortunately, I don’t have any screenshots or anything to show you (I COULD photoshop it). Judging by the level of excitement in our chat channels, it sounded legitimate. Can anyone else make a confirmation?

Not that it matters. I expect this to get patched immediately.

The downside to it was that the armor could not be repaired. But who needs to pay repair bills when you get free gear anyway?

EDIT: Looks like server are being taken offline briefly tomorrow morning.

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