Filling the Void Until Ulduar

Filling the Void Until Ulduar


Sorry for the long silence there, but Real Life has a way of rearing it’s head when you least expect it.

We’ve been hearing a lot about the content that’s coming. Class changes, Raid bosses, Loot and set bonuses, but there is still a current game we are paying to play going on.

Some guilds have stopped going, feeling they’ve already beaten the content and have their main core of raiders geared, they are taking a break. Some people are leveling alts up getting ready to have another viable toon ready to go. Other people are farming rare mounts, like the Zul’Gurub Tiger Mount, or Baron Rivendare’s Charger. Another group of people are preparing for the new content by stockpiling consumables, farming gold, or even working on achievements. My guild has been casually working on achievements, trying to see how many we can get done without pushing the entire raid to the brink of insanity to get them.  (The picture above is an old one now, but I love it, it’s my favorite achievement, you’ll have to forgive me) Something that I think my guild might pick up after last night’s shenanigans is trying boss encounters in different ways.

Last night we had 7 raiders M.I.A. for various reasons. We knew about them in advance so it wasn’t horrible since we have a lot of veterans and friends and family in the guild we can bug every now and then to come along with us, get them gear and to have some fun. Last night was interesting for us in the way of composition. First of all we only had 5 healers, which is less then we normally run with.  While not horrible it just meant more mana was going to be spent and more time was going to be spent inside the 5 second rule. These 5 consisted of two Restoration Shamans, Two Restoration Druids and a Holy Pally. Yeah it was a pretty sweet 5 healers to have.

Secondly and probably the most  fun part was, we only had 1 priest. This was going to make Razuvious fun, since we only had one Mind Control to use. Rather then be daunted we decided to utilize the 3 hunters we had just sitting around shooting things. We had the hunters stand in a triangle around the center ring for Raz, our priest MC’d one student and tanked until it was time to let go of the MC. At this point one hunter distracting shot Razuvious. That hunter then cast Feign Death right before Razuvious got to him and another hunter distracting shot repeating the process. Essentially making Raz run around in a triangle until our priest could pick up the MC again and start tanking. Now, hunters died and tanks had to taunt and kite Razuvious as well, but I have to say that was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time in Naxxramas. There is something gratifying seeing a boss that can one shot you running around like a fool while you hear the Benny Hill Theme playing in your head. This seemed to have gone over really well with the guild and a lot of people thought it was great fun and had a good laugh.

I think next we’re going to do one sided Gothik the Harvester =D

How are you guys spending the time before Ulduar?

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  1. Personally I’m trying other MMOs…… my toon is complete as far as I’m concerned, and I have nothing to do until Ulduar. (Alts bore me, as do achievements.)

    Here’s hoping that T8 stays fresh way longer than T7!

    Karthiss last blog post..Warhammer: Age of Reckoning Review

  2. Ceruleana says:

    Lodur, doing Gothik one-sided is fun. I suggest placing paladins at the gate ready to Holy Wrath and stun the undead giving tanks a chance to pick them up. I won’t tell you when the gates open, but it’s when you least expect it!!

  3. Onomayliya says:

    I like the way you did Razuvious! And yeah, as Ceruleana said, it will scare the crap off you when they come running at you

  4. Undying is one of the very few raid achievements I actually want to complete, just for the challenge of it. I liked how you did Razuvious as well, sounds like a lot of fun and thinking outside the wowwiki walkthroughs is always a big plus. 🙂

    Vadss last blog post..So a Prot Warrior and a Death Knight walk into an arena…

  5. One sided Gothik is good fun, and quite a bit easier then the normal strat I’d say (unless your going for Immortal…). Just have a DK pick up one whole side. As a bonus, you can have all your locks mana drain Gothik to 0 because most of the DPS will have nothing to do until the gates open. Then when Gothik ports down, he’ll just stand there and die. Great times had by all.

  6. I’m playing Everquest 2 and playing in wow lowbies with my baby,

    Jays last blog post..It’s all about persistence!

  7. Sientina says:

    Preemptively working on the Insane in the Membrane achievement when 3.1 hits >.<

  8. We’ve done the hunter trick on Razuvious a few times now, and it’s somehow everything goes well or everything goes wrong … no middle ! And I can definitely picture the Benny Hill music on that ^^

    Douceurs last blog post..From DPS to Healer

  9. One sided Gothik was hillarious. We wound up having one death though. A warlock strayed from the AE pit and exploded. There was much rejoicing.

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