Don’t Worry, it Gets Harder

I just finished doing a partial Black Temple clear on my Priest. I decided to swap Priest specs for the night and try my hand at full Discipline. I really like it a lot. Would I switch to it full time at 80? That’s going to depend on the healing corps we have then. I’m grown comfortable between deep Discipline and deep Holy specs that I don’t foresee it being any trouble at all. I think every healing Priest should take the time now where it doesn’t really matter to try out both sides of the coin and become fluent with both types of specs.

Yes, it really doesn’t matter.

I’m being outhealed by Retribution Paladins and Healing Stream totems. But that doesn’t bother me at all one bit. The game has fundamentally changed and raid instance difficulty has been toned down a lot to the dismay of some and the delight of others.

Karazhan now takes an average of 1 hour.
Zul’Aman bear runs can be done with 17 minutes left remaining on the clock.
Black Temple? Illidan down within 2 hours.

And that’s a good thing.

But don’t take the current game in stride. Don’t assume that things will be this easy at level 80, because it’s not going to be. You get yourselves new bosses, new mechanics, and new challenges to toy with. Relax now while you can and have some fun. It’s back to work when you ding 80. Allow yourself to get complacent for a while, but keep it in the back of your mind that things will only get harder from here on out.

Some guild’s are pissed off because all that they worked hard for means nothing. Some guild’s are happy (and back together) because they were able to get over the hump that stopped them from raiding in the first place. My guild was able to take down Kalecgos and Brutallus for the first time this week. We still have some time remaining in order to bring down the rest of Sunwell. I know I’ll be working hard to get that Kil’Jaden achievement (I’m up to 2175 points).

The clock is ticking. Now is the time to hurry and explore the game. Visit the bosses that you thought you’ve never seen. Raiding guilds should trial players for the time being. Swap players around and bring in alts.

It will get harder. Don’t take it for granted.

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  1. We cleared Sunwell and BT in one night (four hours) on Wednesday. Other guilds on the server killed a ton of bosses they couldn’t before. We all got a little sore that things got so easy (naturally – we wiped on Muru for how long?!) but actually, I’m not that angry. Blizzard wants people to see all the hard work that they’ve done, IE the instances like Sunwell, and players want to see them too. And how exactly does it hurt me? It doesn’t at all; in fact, it means I can go do old world content on the other raid nights and finish hours earlier, which makes me very happy.

    Plus, my server stopped recording kills the day the patch came out. So I guess that helps soothe my giant nerd ego 🙁

  2. The Bear mount wasnt removed????????????????????????????????

    Holyfabs last blog post..Albino Drake!!

  3. @Holyfab: Bear mount’s removed. But the timer’s still in game. The 4th chest drops 3rd chest rings.

  4. No way could I trial players in this environment. The current fights last too short to even get an idea of just how well a person plays, and this will factor into things once dungeons are actually tuned for the changes and not nerfed to throw people who were indefinitely stuck a bone (or five).

    Lumes last blog post..Patch 3.0.2; Additional Blizzcon Coverage

  5. @Lume: True you wouldn’t be able to actually evaluate their performance. But at the least, you could see how well they mesh with other personalities in the guild.

  6. We raided Ogremar, Thunderbluff, Undercity, and Silvermoon for the wrath of the Alliance achievment. It was my first time in a raid with my new deep disc spells. I too a break from our progression raid for awhile cause of work.

    Penance worked great and I see some use for that spell. Worked as a very good alternative to flash heal. In fact, I moved flash heal out of my primary finger range and put penance in its place to force its use.

    Divine Aegis was fun to see proc and it did its job a few times when needed. I have never been one to depend on chance spells.

    I agree with your comments and look forward to playing with all the possibilbe builds.

  7. Boondockst says:

    Since you tried a deep Disc build, how well did it work? You said you were outhealed by healing stream totems and ret’s? Was this because of shields, or just lack of damage? I would really like to hear more about Disc’s raid viability.

    I like to run around in disc, but my fellow raiders normally cringe when they see I’m disc (deeper than Imp:DS). Unfortunatly, due to the condition of my server, the only time I am going to get to heal as Disc will be on the Headless Horseman event, and atm, my renews/shield is all thats needed to keep people alive.

  8. I went sunday for the 1st time ever to MH and we cleared it! I estimated about 30% of the group had never been there. Very fun to get the chance to see this content. (which was the main reason to go with so many “newbies”)

    Last night we saw BT, we stopped before Mother Shiraz, seeing we ran out of time and were unsure about our health if we would go in with with low or nill shadow resist gear. (anyone tried after patch?)

    All in all I am really happy Bliz made this change, it gave me ánd many others a chance to see this content at least once.

  9. I have been running around as a full Disc specced priest now for a few days, and as a former CoH priest who never saw Disc before, I must say that I am really having fun with it.

    Last night we went to Mount Hyjall and killed the first three bosses, then tried Azgalor and got him down to 50%. Need some practice on the Doom thingie. Penance is my second most important healing spell in my Recount data. It is faster than Greater Heal (mostly because it applies heals gradually already) and therefore extremely handy in situation where the tank needs his heals now. With almost 24% holy crit for some reason I had a lot more critting than I thought I should. This gave a lot of Divine Aegis bubbles, which are just awesome. Like Matt says, tried it out now and do it in a raid setup to get a feel for the full effect.

    PS: Spam healing the MT still made me top healing meters if I really wanted to. And mana is of no issue, even when spam healing. I don’t encourage this but it gives a good view of what power there is, should it be needed.


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