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You may or may not be sick of Hearthstone already. Or maybe you want to learn a little more about the game. I wrote a lengthy post on WoW Insider about Deck Construction basics. Don’t expect to pull out any turn one wins. But it’ll at least help get you started with the game and assembling a solid deck to work with.

We managed to push Tortos down to about 25% earlier tonight on hard mode. I think we can get him killed on Monday. This is a high intense focus fight, that’s for sure. So many right things are depending on a small number of people. The kiting tank needs to make sure he stays ahead of everyone. The kickers have to be on the ball. Every player needs to ensure that they hit the crystal to activate the shield when they’re at full health. So many things can possibly go wrong. I’m happy that we received an extension on the patch though. With it debuting early September, it gives us a little more time in clearing out some additional hard modes.

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