Con Day 2 Itself (and a Message for a Guildie)

Con Day 2 Itself (and a Message for a Guildie)

Someone from my guild tell Speedbumps to see the end of this post.

It’s just about 12 AM. After a long swim in the pool (with some volleyball along with friends), I am finally back in my room.

So I’m going to touch on everything I was there for and observed.

Rated BGs

Cool. I suppose I have an incentive to run battlegrounds and the like now. Unfortunately, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m still short on time to participate.

I wonder if we’ll start seeing professional WSG teams in the future.

Also liking the return of Honor Titles. Currently a Knight. This fits Blizz’s philosophy of accessibility as rated battlegrounds for arena points and such.

Guild achievement

Great surprise here. Totally not what I expected. I don’t think anyone saw this coming before day 1. The ability for guilds to invest talent points into certain features?

I totally called the guild standards by the way.

Guild heirlooms

Further trend of keeping players in guilds is to have certain items or recipes accessible to guild crafters only. The moment they leave, the items return to the guild bank. If players wish to leave guilds, that ability is still there. But the effort invested by the guild to get them that recipe or item will not be wasted. It can be awarded to someone else so that the benefit remains within the guild.

Note that not all raid items will be like this. Just items or recipes designated as guild heirloom items.

Guild potions and reagents (like frost lotus variants) are a plus. Guild talents can be invested to increase the potency of them. Great stuff.

More to come later…

* Dungeons and raids
* Path of the TItans
* Cross server LFG
* …and the various meetups I’ve gone to

Lastly, we have a guildie who is very elusive. She refuses to see us, she refuses to speak on vent, and just downright socialize with any of the other guildies on vent.

We have a theory she doesn’t exist. One of my players launched a in guild joke with various people holding up signs that say “Where is Speedbumps?”

Well guess what?


Yes. That is THEE guild.

I had to use a bit of Photoshop magic to darken it a bit so the camera could see it. Special thanks to my PUNKING guildies by the way for improving a sign on the spot. After they created the sign, I literally darted away to find them as soon as I could at the meetup.

Thanks for the pose guys!

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  1. Sweet 🙂 I just recently discovered The Guild and their videos are awesome! Great you got a chance to meet them 🙂 Love the photo!
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  2. lol

  3. Speedbumpz WhereRU!!

  4. Where are you Speedbump?

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