Circle of Healing Podcast Site is Up

The site for the priest centric healing podcast is now available. Head on over to the Circle of Healing Podcast page. You’ll find out more about the players behind the voices along with archived episodes.

And yes, episode 3 is now available.

Apparently, we’ve got some reviews on our iTunes page. I have no idea  how to find it. I’ll fiddle with it later. Feel free to leave some feedback for us. No guarantees, but at least we’ll read it. If there’s anything you’d like the Circle to address, email it to

One thing I do want to clarify is that a number of listeners have expressed concern that it’s a little overloaded on priests.

Well, yeah.

It is going to be biased for healing priests because we’re all priests. We’ll try to make an effort to include material that’s of interest to every healing class. Ultimately, Dawn is the director and producer. I know if she wanted to form a pure healing podcast, a different team would’ve been assembled.

It’s a healing podcast with some emphasis for us Priests.

I’m there just to be the eye candy (or ear candy?)


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