Circle of Healing Podcast Site is Up

The site for the priest centric healing podcast is now available. Head on over to the Circle of Healing Podcast page. You’ll find out more about the players behind the voices along with archived episodes.

And yes, episode 3 is now available.

Apparently, we’ve got some reviews on our iTunes page. I have no idea  how to find it. I’ll fiddle with it later. Feel free to leave some feedback for us. No guarantees, but at least we’ll read it. If there’s anything you’d like the Circle to address, email it to

One thing I do want to clarify is that a number of listeners have expressed concern that it’s a little overloaded on priests.

Well, yeah.

It is going to be biased for healing priests because we’re all priests. We’ll try to make an effort to include material that’s of interest to every healing class. Ultimately, Dawn is the director and producer. I know if she wanted to form a pure healing podcast, a different team would’ve been assembled.

It’s a healing podcast with some emphasis for us Priests.

I’m there just to be the eye candy (or ear candy?)


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  1. Is it possible you guys could include an RSS podcast feed for those folks that don’t use (or like) iTunes?

  2. Gareth: It’ll be on the to do list.

  3. I loved the first two episodes, and did not find that it was too priest heavy (then again there may be bias considering how i too am a priesty)

    Downloading it right now!

  4. There is a subscribe page up now. =)

  5. Nice pod, already in my iTunes account =D

    btw, do you know the site maldy ( ? It’s a site where you can view a price to your char. pretty cool ^^

  6. I’d really like to see a way to just play the darn episode online. I don’t find it convenient to use iTunes or download it and listen. Even the first episodes were available like this, and I hate to see features reduced.

    ~ ED

  7. @ Matt

    Thanks! I did actually “break down” and listen to the podcast last night. I’ve been really loving the content and look forward to see what you guys are doing next! It’s definitely a great community resource.

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