CGL – Season 1: League of Legends debut

Not quite a WoW related post today.

I looooove my League of Legends. I’m not the greatest at it, but I certainly get a huge adrenaline rush from both playing and watching.

A few months ago, I mentioned my desire to start a recreational gaming league within the guild (and for other interested players). League of Legends will be the first game. This will be a way for me to test my system before activating the pet battles league.

Organizing and planning a rec league takes quite the effort. But it’s all coming together quite nicely. We have a confirmed (at least) 4 teams participating with representatives from Madcast Gaming. That’s actually not a bad number because at 6 total matches per team, it means each team plays each other twice.

General Information

Game: League of Legends
Map: Summoner’s Rift (Summer)
Format: 5v5, Tournament Draft
Duration: 6 weeks, 1 match per week
Roster size: 5 – 7 players

Full list of rules

Challonge.comwill be used to organize round robin play and ensuing playoff rounds.


July 27: Registration for inaugural season opens.
July 31: Registration closes.
August 3: Week 1 begins.
August 17: Week 3 begins. Rosters are locked for the rest of the season including playoffs.
September 7: Week 6. Final matches are played. Any makeup matches must be resolved in the final week.
September 14: Playoffs begin. Further dates unknown until team registration finishes.

Select matches may be shoutcasted. Official casters will be the LeetSauced crew along with the tandem of myself and Lodur.

If you’re interested, here’s the registration link. I strongly advise that you be level 30 and have several hundred games played. Although tomorrow night’s the cut off, if you’re interested, I can re-write the bracket before week 1 starts on Friday.

As an aside, have you been catching the Olympics at all? What events are you most interested in? For me, it’s both volleyball and beach volleyball. Those beach players make things look so easy. It’s so hard jumping on sand :(.

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  1. My Monk is still going to have to race hs butt off to get to the starting line 😛

  2. If you get it streamed and commented you can get it on just contact me there./Lleoh

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