Caverns of Times: Where’s the Horde Perspectives?

Beat Mass Effect 3. Such a glorious game and a fantastic conclusion to the series. I can now go back to defending Azeroth and Demacia.

Before you question my allegiance to the Alliance, know that it hasn’t changed. I happened to be reminiscing about my experiences in Warcraft’s 1, 2 and 3. Naturally, my mind drifted over to WoW and I started thinking to myself what awesome missions in the RTS games would translate as either instances or raids. Thinking about the ones presently in the game made me realize that that was a distinct lack of actual Horde storylines.

Culling of Stratholme? Original Alliance mission under Arthas dedicated to levelling the citizenry.

Escape from Durnholdee? You were playing as Alliance infiltrating Alliance camps in order to break Thrall out (I guess that’s the closest one gets to Horde).

Opening the Dark Portal? Sort of independent, protecting Medivh.

Mount Hyjal? Mixed operation. Same with End Time and Hour of Twilight

Well of Eternity, I believe everyone had to play Elves.

There are so many crucial moments in the Warcraft RTS that I feel would make an awesome instance to explore. All of us players who are old enough to remember Warcraft 1 (I think I was like 6 or 7) and the subsequent releases can remember some of those chilling moments in the game where… it just got real. I think we could use some Horde representation in there too (as in, having our character models adjusted to reflect the story like how we tend to either be portrayed as humans or elves).

Lothar’s Parlay

I believe this was one area of the game that received a retcon (Lore players can help me out). The original Warcraft 2 mission had Lothar get assassinated as he was on his way to negotiate with Doomhammer. But then it got changed to a death match style encounter with Doomhammer himself or that Doomhammer had help from Horde forces. If it’s the latter, it would make a great instance.

Now we Alliance players know that there’s no way that Doomhammer could’ve solo’d Lothar, right? It makes much more sense that Doomhammer wussed out and called up his cronies who just happened to be standing in the bushes nearby waiting to ambush him.

It makes sense!

Plus it gives players the chance to take on Lothar in a boss environment.

Strike at Karazhan

Lothar leads a strike team into Karazhan to kill Medivh. I think this would be a fantastic raid instance. Looking back on it, Karazhan was a pretty fun place. They can do the Stratholme treatment (take a destroyed instance and recreate it to what it looked like originally). Some of the rooms would probably have to be enlarged to accommodate 25 or so people.

Imagine fighting Moroes with 25 people.

Will pass on Chess though.

Assassination of King Llane

Oh man. I don’t know if you’d plan this out as a raid or as a 5 man. Concept would your party assisting and clearing the way for Garona to infiltrate the throne room and help her take out King Llane. We can check out what Old Stormwind looked like without all the canals and stuff.


Breaking Illidan out of the Watchers prison – An escort instance similar to Durnholde. You’d need to infiltrate the Watchers prison and bust him out.

Andorhal – Memory’s fuzzy here, but there was an Undead level in Warcraft 3 where Arthas killed Uther.

Theramore – The Horde mini-campaign in the Frozen Throne had the final level where Rexxar and the Horde assaulted Theramore to subdue Admiral Proudmoore.

I’m not as familiar with the universe in the books or in the comics, but I can’t help but wonder if there’s any moments that in any of them that might translate well into the game.

Whatever the case, here’s to having more Caverns of Time stuff in Mists! They’re starting to run out of room in there actually. I wonder when they’re going to create another floor. It’s about time the Bronze Dragonflight did some renovating.

4 thoughts on “Caverns of Times: Where’s the Horde Perspectives?”

  1. I would seriously doubt they do anything more the CoT. I don’t remember where I read it, but I head someone from Blizz state that the Bronze flight, while they can still go back and forth in time, do not have the control over time they did before Nozdormu lost his “aspect-ness”.

    I might have read that wrong, but essentially, they can go back in time, but they can’t take us back in time any longer. Also, the entire CoT area was a massive battleground between the Infinite Flight and the Bronze Flight…. Murozond is dead, therefore, no more Infinite Flight, therefore, battle over.

    But, I’ll play along with you.

    Things I’d like to see:
    1) Take us to the Undermines. The Goblin uprising over the trolls (I LOVE the Horde, I HATE the trolls…)

    2) Help us secure Thrall’s journey to Kalimdor. Sorry, but without that, a lot of what we’ve experience in Azeroth is for not. Then again…. I’m getting tired of saving Thrall’s butt…. BETTER IDEA! WE KILL THRALL! I’m sorry Warchief, please forgive me!

    3) We aid Sylvannas in overthrowing the Dreadlords guarding her and the other Scourge in Lordaeron, afterwards, they become the Forsaken

    4) Two words: TROLL WARS…. We help the High Elves (before they were the “Blood Elves”) clear Quel’Thalas of the Trolls (I REALLY hate the trolls! ZA and ZG ruined me)

    As far as the comics and novels go, I can’t think of anything. Most of the novels dealing with the Horde were about the Old Horde, and we don’t want them being saved. And the comics? Even less to do with the Horde (most of the comics were either back stories or side stories, not a lot of “if you don’t read this you’ll miss out on a lot of lore” stories).

    BTW – “Lothar leads a strike team into Karazhan to kill Medivh.” YES! LOVE THIS IDEA!

  2. I would have to disagree about the Horde ‘needing’ more perspective from CoT.

    They’ve gotten plenty of lore from the revamp and Cataclysm. And no, don’t give me that bunk about Metzen’s little green messiah being neutral. Metzen has said himself that it’s all about the Horde… and that’s as far as I’ll get about the whole deboggle.

    So, perhaps, it’s best if they just let the CoT die. Move on and create better content for the future, instead of drawing on the past.

  3. More recently, there’s the internal struggle of the Tauren and the Grimtotem. I could see something working as an instance there.


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