Bonus: More Matt and Wyn for Your Friday

As per the terms of NAFTA, since I interviewed Auz, it’s only fair that she gets to take a few shots at us as well.


Also Wyn put up a new poll on the side from a comment that was made earlier applauding the increased Horde presence. To what faction do you swear your allegiance?

Do you consider yourself Horde or Alliance?

  • Thrall is my homeboy. (52%, 148 Votes)
  • I'm Jaina-licious. (48%, 137 Votes)

Total Voters: 285

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  1. I absolutely refuse to subscribe to either comment!

  2. Doppelganger says


  3. So hard to choose because I really do love both… but gotta stick with Jaina because she’s probably my favorite lore character and because my current “main” is Alliance.

  4. Argh. You picked the one Alliance character I really like. But I’m still Horde through and through.

  5. Apathy writes:
    “I absolutely refuse to subscribe to either comment!”

    You need a new option Wyn; too apathetic to care!

  6. I’m Jaina-licious 😉

    Just can’t level hordies with the same enthusiasm as my alliance chars!

  7. With apologies to Apathy:

    If Blizzard can make you pick, so can I!

  8. You’re missing the infamous “For CowboyNeal!” option.

  9. Thrall baby, all the way!

    Merlots last blog post..Shackliscious

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