Beta Rage and Mists of Pandaria Links!

Beta Rage and Mists of Pandaria Links!

This week:

  • Monk Talents Revealed
  • Where’s the Integrity?
  • Where’s my Beta Invite?

All this beta rage and annual pass stuff is distressing. Try not to forget there’s some logistics at play here. Illidan (US) has a combined population of around 46000 characters on the server. Actually, make that 46000 level 85 characters that have actually killed something in Tier 12. There’s about a million people that opted in for the annual pass. Even Blizzard, with all their might, is going to have a hard time squeezing in a million users onto a limited amount of test servers. During traditional PTRs, there are around 4 (A PvP, a PvE, an EU and a KR). I think they’re going to need more than 4 servers to pull it off. Try to be a little Zen about it. You’ll get it when you get it. If I remember right, Bioware pulled off something similar with pre-orders. That level of beta access only occurred over a weekend (I think). Hell, now that I think about it, I can’t remember if the terms said you’ll keep your beta access throughout the entire period. Who’s to say Blizzard won’t run rotating beta groups that have their access vary from week to week?

Does anyone else realize that over a million people paid almost 180 bucks for the ability to test Blizzard’s game for them?

Eh, I’ll get mine when I get mine. Clearly I am not press enough for access.

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Monk Talents Revealed

Curious about what the new Monk talent tree looks like? I drew up a post on WoW Insider with links to the current abilities. Level 90 talents look OP. How does one resist taking Chi Torpedo!?


Where’s the Integrity?

This one isn’t WoW related. But if you’re a League of Legends player, I started a LoL blog not too long ago. Had a bitter experience with one of our scheduled matches last week which really frustrated me. Long story short, they “didn’t see the request to reschedule” and we ended up incurring a forfeit loss.


I have the Annual Pass! Where’s my Beta Invite?

Even though many bloggers are raging, one blogger isn’t. Anafielle’s a little more disappointed than anything else (With a slight side of mad). She has the same approach as I do (Although between the two of us, I think she’s way more animated *grin*).


The Best – And Worst – Places to Write

I find that I get some serious writing done in coffee shops. Joe here believes that coffee shops can be too distracting. I find my room to be too distracting so I’ll usually head out to Waves or something. If I plug in my headphones and load up some dubstep, it’s enough to keep me focused and on task. Your results may vary.

Lastly, this:

Glyph of Permanent Angel Wings for my priest! *jumps up and down excitedly like a baby crocolisk pretending to be in puppy form*


Make it happen, Wryx!

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