BETA: Be All My Sins Remember’d – Friends with the Unlikeliest of Enemies

BETA: Be All My Sins Remember’d – Friends with the Unlikeliest of Enemies

What do you do when you are asked to do something that goes against your beliefs?
How do you behave when you principles become compromised?
When your friends become enemies and your enemies become friends, who can you turn to and who can you trust?

Never in the history of Dwarven-kind did we ever have reason to aid our enemies. When Dwarven children were growing up, their parents would paint them the horrors of the various monsters and beasts around the world. As a Priest, I was taught to go after them and defend my country and my right to live as a Dwarf.

We did whatever it took to safeguard our borders. From the mountains of Redridge to the Marshes of Dustwallow I went. Our objective to wipe the evil fish off the face of the planet. Every Murloc, slain. Every hovel, leveled. Any trace of Murloc, annihilated.

Our path was clear and merciless from the day our training ended.

I should’ve known priorities had changed. Quel’Danas offered the first clue. Freeing Murlocs from the clutches of Naga magic? Why not wipe them both out and be done with it? I was confused at first. I thought there was more to this. Like a faithful and obedient Dwarf, I followed my orders to the letter.

Upon reaching the shores of Northrend, I was tasked to assist yet another group of Murlocs. I had trouble reconciling this with beliefs that have been grounded into me since I had gotten my first whisker at 6 months.

Murlocs. We are helping Murlocs fight other Murlocs. I have gone from mindlessly bringing whole Murloc villages to the ground to risking my life to rescue Murloc Tadpoles (children) from captivity. I infiltrated a cave under the guise as one of their own and led a small strike force deep into the heart of enemy territory. Silencing the guards were easy. Extracting the Murlocs held hostage were a bit more of a challenge.

For the first time in my career – nay, my life – I fought back to back with a Murloc covering my flank and I his. My Apostle more than held its own effortlessly cleaving the tainted Murlocs in half (after some practice from being rusty at least). In the end, the operation was ultimately a success with zero casualties.

However, going on these joint missions have left a sour taste in my mouth. I wish to be rid of them as quick as possible. I would much rather be supervising Gnomes. I now question my ethics. To whom do I owe my allegiance? The Dwarven banner or to myself?

This is the difficulty that I must wrestle with internally.

Now I have a vague idea how Americans thought when they first executed joint missions with the Russians.

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  1. Sounds like you have a small case of prejudice, not that it hindered you, considering that you did the right thing by saving the children regardless of their race and origin.

    Several years of brainwashing, mind numbing, genocide may have just come to an end. So maybe not all Murlocs are evil, and we just have to kill all of the bad ones to save the murloc race? Were we just wrong from the start? Does the murloc hostility stem from an avid defence of their reclusive lifestyle?

    Maybe for them it was just as distasteful to work with you, another possibility yet unexplored…

    The result is what counts. Both you and the Murlocs have benefitted from the children’s rescue, and maybe learned something about yourselves and eachother in the process.

  2. This post made me smile. I have always been an advocate of the Murloc. Ever since Redridge, killing them has made me sad. I think they are actually a very advanced species with a highly developed language, mostly articulated in pitches that other humanoids can’t hear. Sure, the audible range sounds like gobbledy-gook, but to a Murloc? Sweet music.

  3. some Murlocs I know have more intelligence then some Alliance I have crossed. Although their speech seems just as intelligible.

  4. Murlocs rock.

    Tankettes last blog post..SSC Farming

  5. Dude… classic shakespeare quote. My pers fav from hamlet as a matter of fact…

    And you had to realize that when they started givin out murloc suits and pets that the fix was in…

    Murlocs, not personally deviant, just a lifestyle choice…

    Dagashais last blog post..Give me back my bullets!

  6. Do you guys listen to WoW podcasts at all? If you don’t – you should. There are some great ones out there, but maybe I have just gotten to be a huge podcast fan thanks to my daily commute.

    Anyways, Taverncast (one of the earliest and funniest podcasts) did a Halloween special in 2005 where they did a War of the Worlds podcast only the Murlocs were the monsters. It starts off as a normal podcast and they get interrupted by news about strange beings. They also had some cameos from other WoW podcasters. Everytime I see a Murloc I think of that show. It’s worth checking out on their website or itunes.


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