Bah Humbug! PUGers, Use My Name

Bah Humbug! PUGers, Use My Name

Hello, my name’s druid and I’m a PUGger.

That might as well be my name – or yours. We’ve all been privvy to it: “Druid go tank” “warrior u nub pala tank” “priest dead other priest heal”. Addressing someone by their class rather than their character’s name is rude, it’s lazy, and it’s adding to the stagnation in WoW’s pond.

We give our characters names for a reason. It helps us differentiate our character from the millions of other blue-haired and glowy-eyed sacks of muscle. Everyone has a different method for choosing names – I know some people just mash the keyboard until something looks good. For me, choosing a character’s name is an involved process requiring an etymological dictionary, babynames sites and a chunk of time staring at the character creation screen.

A name is part of an identity. In WoW it’s the only thing that we can tailor to be completely unique. It’s more important for some players; for role players names are part of an entire personality. But we all name our characters and I’d bet it’s not just role players who agonize over hitting the Right Name. I do and it’s just because I like to give my lil’uns a starting point, like a header for a clean slate starting at level 1.

It’s disrespectful to not acknowledge the thought and identity we put into naming characters. Yet in WoW I rarely see people use names in social situations where they have no attachment to people. I’m talking about random groups; it’s painfully obvious that anyone inclined to call by class name will do so in a group full of strangers. But why?

Imagine a paladin named Spongebob. He runs 5 to 25 man PUGs and uses character names as little as possible. The first and most obvious reason is that he doesn’t have time to check a name. Things can get hairy in group content; if the death knight is about to become a bubbling heap on the floor it’s reasonable for Spongebob to yell “DK move out of fire”. But if the death knight is in no more imminent danger than getting toasty-warm toes, Spongebob doesn’t really have any excuse not to check and type his name.

Granted, the Death Knight might have a long and well considered name like “Enginescannae”. You know, one that’s a mile long. But that’s where just typing the first few letters of the name works wonders. Just a quick “Hey Takeitjim Engi, fire move!” acknowledges the death knight’s name and communicates clearly.

Ah, communication. That is why using names is practically crucial. If someone needs to do something right the nitwibble now then letting them know using their character name gets that across perfectly. Using a class name can come across as confusing, particularly if it’s spelt wrong – the amount of times I’ve read “durid do X” and thought “which one is durid? can’t see anyone by that nam… oh! Me!” Not to mention the fun to be had by saying “shaman go heal” when there are multiples of that class in the party.

Of course, at the dark, murky heart of the issue is the fact that PUGs mean strangers. Spongebob’ll probably never see the party or raid members again, particularly in 5 mans. He can afford to be lazy; why bother putting the effort in to be social? He might even occasionally look at other players like they’re the local armour repair vendor.

Being with strangers also means there can be what I call a Pecking Order Issue. Chaos can ensue unless boundaries and/or hierarchy are stated and accepted. The tank is traditionally top of the pecking order in 5 mans, but frankly that hierarchy is obselete and most players ignore it. In 10 and 25 man PUGs the hierarchy can be shaky or non-existent if the raid leader isn’t capable of holding things together or setting boundaries.

Now, Spongebob may be a player who needs a Pecking Order; perhaps that’s what he’s used to with his guild or in real life. He may also be a player who likes to be at the top of that Pecking Order and perhaps doesn’t feel he gets to be often enough. Telling the priest to “go heal” removes the priest’s choices in playstyle and identity, lumping them into a faceless group. It also asserts Spoongebob as the authority or arbiter. It’s like saying “oi black haired person go play the violin cos I say so.” Quite often it’s meant as a challenge, and if no-one speaks out against it then it becomes status-quo for the run. Spongebob will take it as freedom to act and talk how he likes – and no-one likes a bully.

I’m not going to spend hours saying that random dungeons or PUGs are a good or bad thing and they’re making the social aspect of the game worse. What I have said, and I stand by like a hairdresser with a maniacal glint and blue hairspray, is that making a statement using names wouldn’t kill us. It might just remove some of the ridiculous schoolyard-like standoffs and get WoW’s social pond flowing freely.

What do you think? Do you get annoyed by class names being used, and if so how do you react? Or do you think it’s fine, perhaps use class names often yourself? Do you think it matters in the name of ettiquette, or do you think it’s just an unimportant habit in a game?

This is an article by Mimetir, an owl (and resto shaman) of a raid leader on The Venture Co. (EU) You can find my twitter feed here.

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  1. Yes I do get annoyed. In fact I have taken it so far that if someone just calls me “Priest” I add them to my ignore list because if someone cannot talk to me and use my REAL character name I can’t be bothered to communicate any further.

  2. This is something I’m going to start getting snarky about because, damn it, typing my name is just as fast as typing my class (shorter if you use “Mat”). There have been occasions where I’ve just stood there and acted stupid til they used my name, though. So yeah, agreed so hard. I have a name – USE IT.

  3. What’s funny is I really have to look to see what class someone is in a PUG, whereas their name is right there in Vuhdo. When I heal a 5-man, I focus my tank and everyone else’s class is “dps”. Their name is far easier for me to use than their class.

    After-instance chat..
    Guildie: “Did you see what that DK did at the last boss?”
    Me: “Um.. which one was the DK?”

  4. protopethunter says

    on the other hand i believe some people just arent smart enough to read or even type some names. ive had my hunter reported because someone misread my name as prophet and was offended.
    off topic but every time someone says durid i flash back to the first time i read alamo’s durid guide. well worth a read if you have time
    @bri cant you turn on class colors in vuhdo? ive got them in healbot and prat

  5. Mimetir, you’re exactly right, and this is one of my biggest pet peeves. Not even being called by my class name (rude and annoying) but just by my class ROLE. “Healer” do this or “Healer” do that. These are people who not only can’t be bothered to type “Vid” (It’s THREE LETTERS, I chose a name that could be shortened for that reason) but they don’t even know what class I am. They just know that I’m following them around making health bars go up and they couldn’t care less about the details. I’ll usually speak up and say “Hey, I have a name you know!”
    .-= Vidyala´s last blog ..The ICC Blues =-.

  6. You know, it’s never occurd to me to be bothered by it. O.o Which makes me wonder why it has never bothered me. But you have made me realize the importance of something that had never occured to me before. Every once in a while, I will find myself running a pug-raid. I’m always so nervous and freaked out – will I be able to explain the fights? Will I handle it right? Will people drop group after the first wipe? Do I have the right group make-up? So I am usually very distracted. And while I don’t think I’ve ever called someone by their class or role before, I shall be careful not to do so. -.- Thank you.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Kelidara’s Favor =-.

  7. @Bri, @Proto,

    You can turn it on – I use vuhdo and my colors are set to match the classes. However, you can also set it to change color based on how close they are to death, so it may be that Bri prefers it that way. There are a lot of other options, etc, like changing the colors between class & health depending on whether you are in combat or not, etc.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Kelidara’s Favor =-.

  8. I find it highly annoying. Some names are long, but something I have done is I give most of my guildies who have long names, nicknames (i.e. abbreviations), and as a GL and RL its just easier using 1-2 syllable names when something needs to happen quickly. For example if we had a member named Novatotank, I would say “Nova”. This has even led some of my members to create alts or name change to the smaller names, not something I intended but still.

    Not using someone’s name is tantamount to saying in public to a coworker “hey you”, or “you with the hair”. Its unprofessional
    .-= Avatar´s last blog ..You are NOT Prepared! =-.

  9. I completely and utterly agree. Sometimes it gets even worse: due to being an unbelievable slacker I recently got my first level 80. On my way through the last couple of levels I happened to end up in a pug for The Occulus. Having been there once before with friends I wasn’t completely and utterly au fait with the final fight involving the drakes.

    I noticed a comment in /p chat just before we wiped and everyone left in a huff that someone had written “ehal him gren drake, FFS”… a comment I pondered for a few minutes before even releasing (see as how the whole party and stomped off in teenage anger by then). Roughly translated I think it meant “Hjaern, you’re on the green drake which means you heal the tank”, which could happily be shortened to “Hjaern, heal him”…

    Having established that “ehal” was “heal” and “gren” was “green”, it was then many, many moments before I realised… oh gods, they were talking to me – I was on a green drake and didn’t realise. Another wipe chalked up to me and another poster of me on someone’s wall having darts thrown at it for causing a wipe no doubt.

  10. To be honest, I’m on a RP realm and when I use the RDF I am grouped with some non-RP realms.

    I have seriously been grouped with someone named Meatballsub. Sorry Meatballsub, you’re being called DK, cause telling the Meatballsub to go tank is just… there aren’t words for it.

    If you have a dumb name I’m going to call you by your class. Why anyone with a stupid name would have the energy to level it to 80 AND gear it… it’s beyond me.

    Oh and I actually just checked armory… there are 34 people named Meatballsub. WHY!!!!??!? /sigh

  11. @Raydra The awful name thing drives me nuts. I’ll often do the same and call someone by their class if they have a stupid or offensive name. Meatballsub, though idiotic, is at least not as bad as some I’ve had.

    I’ve had random heroic PUGs with names similar to: fanatical dictators, soft drinks, genocidal maniacs, sex organs, serial killers, lewd acts, pizza toppings, and automobiles.

    If your name isn’t something that an actual mother would actually name their child… or at least a really good nickname (Wrathgaze, Rotarm, Brightblade) then yeah… you don’t deserve to be called by your name. Asking Fishtaco to sheep the caster in the back is just too much for me.
    .-= Cassieo´s last blog ..Much More Mr. Nice Guy =-.

  12. It annoys me.

    Funnily, though, I once had a tank who got all offended because the hunter typed his name short in order to ask him to loot the snake in Gundrak so the hunter could skin it. The guy got all offended and started cursing out the hunter — “My name is [whatever is was].” The hunter apologized and then used the full name in another plea to come loot the snake, but no, the tank just would not have it.

    I have Vuhdo show only the first 4 letters of the name, because that’s all I have room for on my tiny screen, so I shorten names all the time. But I do use *names*.

  13. @Jennifer @protopethunter

    I’ve never looked into if Vuhdo can show class colours, so thanks Jennifer for pointing out that it can. It shows so many other colours for buffs, debuffs, health status, etc. I’m afraid it might get confusing. I intend to take a look though.

    I guess my point was that, for me at least, addressing someone by name is actually easier than by class, for me to address someone only by their class would actually require an effort for me to be consciously rude. And we all know that that would *never* happen in WoW, right? Right?
    .-= Bri´s last blog ..Identity Firewalls =-.

  14. People think of dumb names all the time. They’re supposed to be “original” I’m told. By my brother, who’s name “Ballerstatus” is shared by 64 others on US servers. I am the only Errvalunia that exists. But his name is more “original”

    Some people I do refuse to use their name, and add them to my ignore list–as lovely as your name “Rapeyourface” may be for a pvptard, it’s offensive.

  15. first 4 letters generally.

    I tend to get a little annoyed by the people calling me by my class. But hey, there’s bigger bugbears and a lot of the time it’s just easier to ignore it unless they’re being actively retarded. Like the DK telling me how to tank because he kept getting aggro from Death Grips.

    I’m looking forward to doing heroics on my paladin now purely for the nerdrage his terrible gear will engender.
    .-= Echo´s last blog ..Update! =-.

  16. I’m with you, use my name – shorten it if you have to, I’m ok with that. But saying the equivalent of “hey you” is inconsiderate, which means that you’re selfish and are not interested in group success but in displaying yourself as superior at other people’s expense.

    Even if the name is stupid, like Ihaddinnertonight, just use the stupid name (or shortened name [Ihad]) because it shows that you’re not an immature, selfish prat.

  17. @Bri – No worries and I totally understand. Vuhdo is so confusing, yeah. I tend to have the debuffs (only disease and magic, because I’m a priest) as colors that are different from any class, and for buffs I tell it to use the icons instead. So if someone has a PW:S buff (or the weakened soul debuff), it will show those as the spell icons in a corner of their bar. There is, I think, one button that says something like “show spells as icons” or something that lets you do that, so play around with it and see what you can find.

    Now, if anyone can tell me how to get VuhDo to tell me what role someone is, I’d love that. -.- I have to wait until I’m out fo combat and then check specs and hope that I see a “prot” something to know who the tank is.

    Anyway, yes, I do agree with your point that it’s easier to use names. And also with what someone else said – my VuhDo only shows the first 4 letters and I tend to abbreviate stuff anyway. So, yeah, abbreviations will happen. 🙂
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Kelidara’s Favor =-.

  18. I refuse to give water to people who call me mage. Ditto for totem drops when called shaman, and, really, you have a question for priest about dispels? I wonder who that is?

    Huge pet peeve.
    .-= Windsoar´s last blog ..Attunement =-.

  19. I had an exceptionally good pug in Blackrock Depths the other day. The folks I ran with were polite, kind, considerate, and – on top of that – amazingly capable.

    After reading this article, I though back on it, and… yep. Everybody was using each other’s name. It wasn’t “tank this”, or “healer that”, but “Hey, Aeven…” Going even further back, it’s a trend that seems to hold, at least in my memory. Folks using names == nice runs. Folks using class names or roles == bad runs.

    The one exception I’ll note is that, in the bad runs, apparently getting “called out by name” is reserved for people who screw up. Random chatter? “tank do this”, “healz do that”. Do something they don’t like, and *then* your name gets hauled out – “Aeven wtf is wrong with you?”
    .-= Aeven´s last blog ..It’s Not Just Me! =-.

  20. You’re right. It bugs me, too. Though, I occasionally do refer to people by role instead of class. “The tank’s not here; hold up” or something similar is easier to type and have understood than “Englebert isn’t here,” which would be followed almost all the time by “who?”

    One of the things I wonder if people get irritated at is when I shorten their name. I know when I played UO, I had people get up in arms if I called them anything but the full name of their character. In WoW, I automatically shorten people’s names to help make communication easier and faster, though I wonder if some people get irritated about it like they do in real life. It’s a sign of familiarity in real life; does anyone consider it that way in WoW?
    .-= Professor Beej´s last blog ..The Game Archaeologist Interviews Me About Ultima Online =-.

  21. Fluffywumpki of Kilrogg says

    It depends on the content, really. If I’m in a 5-man, although I’ll use names whenever possible, I don’t expect the same back (heck, most of my DF runs are completely silent, with m-a-y-b-e a hello at the start and a GG or GJ at the end.)

    In a raid, however, even if it’s a PUG VoA, I expect a modicum of respect from the others in the group, starting with using names. If someone complains my name is too long to type, I just tell them to use Fluff or Fluffy (usually AFTER responding to them as their class…. it’s funny how often doing it back results in behavior modification)

  22. Eh. It doesn’t bother me too much, really – my main is a moonkin and regularly referred to as ‘the chicken’ in guild raids and by me. I’m a nice obvious landmark and totally okay with that.
    I pug more with my priests.. and my first priest has a name that pretty much no one can say. I love the name, haven’t got a clue how to pronounce it, and created her figuring I’d be twinking her a few years back.. not raiding with people that would want to say the name! More than once I’ve told them to just call me ‘the priest’ if I’m the only one in raid.. they know who they’re talking about, I know who they’re talking about, and it beats mangling the name and leaving everyone wondering.

  23. Guilty, on infrequent occasions, of referring to people by their class. In PuGs, when talking about them in 3rd person, and generally abbreviated (Dru, DK, War, Pala for example).
    I think some of why I do it is because I am a class-color display fanatic (using VuhDo btw), and so that’s the first/easiest thing I see. Looking for the name requires a bit of squinting or clicking the person to get their unitframe for a larger view. I guess I shouldn’t assume everyone else is quite so readily aware of class colors, perhaps another reason to choose names (or shortened versions, I’m big on that and people do that to me often as well even though mine’s not long/complicated) over class.
    Role though, naw. Unless discussing some general strategy where it makes sense I guess, I can’t imagine though just calling someone ‘yo Mr Tank’ or something.

  24. I agree it is irritating when people do that. Especially when your name is exceedingly simple and easy to type. But then again, when I look at the offender’s name and it’s “Loldethcoil” I really don’t expect much more.

  25. If people do something good worth noting I use names.
    When people mess up they get things like “that stupid DK deathgriped the mob across the room and then ran away from me yelling “I haz teh aggro””

  26. All my character names start out “Vas…” just so that (I hope) it’s easier to recognize me on my alts. I can easily spot/hear messages to me in general chat by keeping a common nick name. Back when I was in a guild anyway. Now I don’t talk much.

    I am guilty of calling people by their role once in a while, but I do it when I’m referring to their role and I want that context. When I say “dps, you need to wait for the tank” or “mage, why do you stand on top of the boss each time?” I’m reinforcing (I think) that it’s the HEALER who’s talking, and I’m having trouble fulfilling my role because of how they are playing their role. I think it’s just like saying “nice tanking” or “gj on the heals” without calling someone by their name.

  27. I have to say nothing erks me more than “Hey Mage give me some water!”. For some reason unbenounced to me that really gets my goat! I always reply with “my name is gunnk and I would be happy to give you some water if you just ask me nicely!” maybe it’s cause it sounds like a demand and not a polite question. Whatever the reason I couldn’t agree with you more. Great article!

  28. I play a tank and i get pretty tired of this too, i call people by name never by class or roll, unless its hey wait the healer isn’t here, i get to the point where i get a little bossy I’m currently leveling a new pally tank and i know what I’m doing and i’ll stick to what I’m doing, if someone starts trying to pull before me or does stupid things well I’m sorry i can’t save stupid, plus side is my wife is leveling a healer with me so when i can’t save stupid she cant heal stupid, its a nice one two punch, when they get mad at me for something they get like “hey wtf why aren’t you doing anything” and I’ll be like I’m pretty sure I’m the tank but if yall don’t need me I’ll be back here when yall need me, then she doesn’t heal them and we get our point across real quick, but ok enough ranting

  29. Hey, Spongebob. Go suck it up!

    I might refer to a player by their role, but yes, if I can take the time to see what class they are, may as well type in their name, or at least the initials.

    And in cases where you’re shortening their name, may as well make punctuation count, and spell what little part of their name you have typed correctly. I’m not likely to see Cal, when I’m expecting C, Col, Cole or even the playful dig at a quasi French mashup, ColourAdjust.

  30. My name is simple. J E N. Three letters, a very very common name. T R E E or H E A L E R are much longer. I don’t understand why people refuse to use it… I hate it and if they piss me off enough, I’ll act like I don’t get it until they call me by my char’s name.
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Welcome to Soulbound =-.

  31. Definitely a pet peeve of mine. It’s kind of funny though — as much as I hate it when people give you the ‘Pally do this’ or ‘healer do that’ stuff, I really resist the use of real life names amongst friends and guildies. It’s not so much an issue of RP as I think I prefer to keep as much of my personal life out of the game as I can.
    .-= jeffo´s last blog ..Progression Blues =-.

  32. It really gets me to be called “Priest” because that means that they spent the time to look up my class but can’t register the name at the same time. It is also the exact-same length. Not. that. difficult.

  33. snuzzles says

    I absolutely agree that people using class or role instead of name is rude, rude, rude! There ar only a few times where I will do this, and that’s when:

    1. I am specifically referring to a person’s role so as to avoid confusion (such as “Don’t pull yet, the healer isn’t here.”)

    2. I am using a class or race of a person as a landmark (such as “Stand on the boomkin!”)

    …and I really think that’s it. I have my Grid set up such that it truncates after five letters so really, it’s easy for me to type a person’s truncated name.

    And no one has any excuse not to type names because it takes less time to do it than it does to type “healer” or hunter”. Even long, complicated names. Want to know why? Here’s how:

    Select the person. Type %t instead of their class. BOOM! You just called them by name and it took even less time than it would have to be an impersonal douche. Congrats.

    Oh and if someone calls me by my class or role, I have a comeback for it: “My class is druid. My role is tank. My name is Snuzzle. Please use it.”

  34. Stupid Mage says

    In 5-man I don’t care either way. There is very little chance that I will see these people again so it doesn’t matter to me if they call me by whatever class I’m playing.

    In my raids instructions are usually given by role, class, or ability. I think it’s faster though could be wrong. “Hunters make sure you MD the adds” is faster than “Jabstabbyhunt, Impynotlock, and Wish, make sure you MD the adds.”

    Ranged DPS stand here and move there, is way better than naming all 7+ of them.

    Brez Step. Is easier than Rolowood, Battle Res Steppedinpooh.

    Heroism Now!

  35. %t is an awesome tip. I guess there’s probably a %f for focus as well.
    .-= Colerejuste´s last blog ..Heirloom zoom zoom =-.

  36. I will try to get names, but I play on my TV, so the text is rather small & hard to read. And that’s assuming I have the chance, since most heroics are pretty much zone in, quick buff and PULL! (I’m DPS)

    Then there’s the difficult names, annoying names and all that. (btw, just because a name is annoying to you or me, doesn’t mean it is NOT valued by the other player – another person, another set of values!)

    In raids, where things are slower, I ALWAYS use names,

    BUT, in 5 mans, role or class is often the easiest thing to figure out, and to remember. I’m horrible with names in real life, so I’m not going to get my panties in a bunch trying to learn the names of 4 other people I will likely never see again. I will try, but nothing is guaranteed, especially if something urgent comes up.
    .-= SlikRX/Balthazario´s last blog ..Stairway to Heaven at the Ledgerdemaine =-.

  37. How about cases in real life where we don’t use names? Asking your college professor a question? Talking to the Doctor? Addressing a police officer?

    “Professor?” “Doctor?” “Officer?”

    In many cases we use someone’s job title as a way of addressing them, even if you know their name. Heck, many quests in WoW address your character by class rather than name.

    I’ll personally try to use names because it’s often clearer (especially if there are multiples of the same class in my group), but I think being annoyed or upset isn’t really worth my own energy.

  38. The Giant says

    I used a simple system when I did dungeons:
    Call me by my name, and I’ll do what you say. Call me by my class, and you get to sit there and curse at your monitor.

    I’m having fun either way.

  39. snuzzled says


    I see your point, however, Doctor and Professor are not just jobs but also titles. TItles people are proud to put on desk plaques, door plaques, titles that change the way their mail is addressed. They’re a way of showing respect to that person and acknowledging that he’s not just “Mr Smith” he’s now “Doctor Smith.” We don’t say “Druid Joe”. Calling someone “druid” is still closer to saying “Yo, Blondie!”

    An in-game example of referring to someone by a respectful title instead of class would be Thrall. Our characters call him Warchief or Warchief Thrall. We don’t call him “shaman”.

    The only reason other NPCs call us by our class is because, for immersion purposes, they’re not supposed to know our name.

    So, I guess you could call my paladin “Patron” or my hunter “Sergeant Major” and that would be okay 😀

  40. This is totally one of those things that irritates me. If someone uses my class, I actually tend to put them on my ever-growing ignore list. However, if they use my name (or a shortened version, I know ‘Tirralyis’ can be hard to type in a dire situation) I tend to keep them, and even try to chain run with them.

    Had a very confused fellow pugger who sent the message ‘mage table?’ in /p. My response of ‘is that “mage, table?” or “mage table”?’ He replied with what I can only guess is a very confused ‘Could you drop a mage table, please?’ … I think I broke him for the rest of the day, since he kept second guessing his typing for the rest of the (surprisingly chatty) group.
    .-= Sprink´s last blog ..RSS Friday: Adventures in Parenting =-.

  41. In Oculus I was running with a few guild members and one random DK tank. We get past the first fright and one of my guild members forgets to turn his pet off of aggressive. I know that can be annoying, but it can also be an honest mistake. We mount our Drakes and start flying towards the first set of arcane guardians and the following conversation ensues:

    DK: Hunter take your damn pet off of aggressive, plz.
    Hunter: I’m sorry. I completely forgot. It won’t happen again.
    DK: It better not hunter.
    Me: You know, asking politely normally ensures better co-operation.
    DK. I was polite. I said plz.
    Me: Sorry, I don’t speak leet, and I’m referring to using people’s names instead of just calling them “hunter.”

    As soon as I said that the DK dropped group. I apologized to the rest of the group for, perhaps, being a little too anal, but they just laughed it off.

    I can’t abide by people who are too lazy to spell out character names or words. We were not in a fight at the time and there was no real sense of urgency, so there really was no excusing the DK’s use of hunter instead of my guild member’s name. After all, you can shift click the name to add it into chat if you can’t/won’t spell it.

  42. In many ways, I agree with you, and yet, I must admit that there are times that I’ve said, “Hey, tank, if you hadn’t pulled the entire room, maybe we’d all still be alive.”

    Usually, I don’t use class names so much as role names, though, and usually only when I’m irritated by something happening that could’ve easily been avoided or prevented. As someone said above, it’s easier to see the character name sometimes than to see what class a person is. (Though, with Healbot and Recount using class colours, it’s immediately apparent.) Still, I often run randoms with friends – we use our real names, 90% of the time – often times running alongside someone of the same class (our guild has a lot of druids in it. ;P), so when our healer is over-run with adds or two of the three mobs the tank aggroed but couldn’t produce enough threat to hold said aggro, and said tank yells out, “Hey boomy haelz” it’s just confusing. And yet, it happens. XD Usually, we ask, “Which one?” and just let the dude die. (Yay, cat-dash-LoS-shadowmeld technique! >_> )

    ~ Hannya ~

  43. Nastajia says

    This topic is actually humorous to me…

    Mainly because I have recently been leveling a rogue alt and have been using the RDF alot for the lower level instances. The other day I was in SFK…someone asked after a fight… “can the rogue lock pick?” (there was a locked treasure chest) I replied … “I don’t know…can she?”

    The group got quiet and the person that asked the question said … “Well? Two people have asked you….”


    I play on an RP server and some of the names I’ve come across have made me cringe. A couple have been down right report-worthy (Sorry Rpdurmom I’m not). But no matter what, I use the name.

  44. Shador5529 says

    Yes. I hate this. My favorite is “Hey, mage. Can I have some water?”

    Of course, I have been guilty of this on my Pally tank. Usually if there’s a wipe my first statement will be “WTF, heals?”

  45. Spongebo and Patrick are really great characters. love them.*,-

  46. spongebob is really funny but she sort of overacts sometimes.,*:

  47. Spongebog is always very cheesy and funny, i like this cartoon character;’`

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