Back in Front of Ragnaros

Back in Front of Ragnaros

It took us a while, but we’re finally here! The first phase seems to be easy overall. My actual level of experience is goes to the final phase with around 40% left. The struggle for me now is to transfer the knowledge that myself and some of the other veterans to the players who are just seeing him for the first time. We’re able to get to the sons phase and it seems as though we can handle any of the hammerfalls that occur off center. But once the center hammer strikes, we have a 50/50 chance of busting through. I think it would help our efforts if we had an additional knock back as we only have one Balance Druid right now providing the positioning knockbacks we need. On a few attempts, I’ve jumped on my Elemental Shaman instead of my Priest to help provide the knockbacks. I’m not exactly in my element (get it? Element?) but at this point, my goal is for us to consistently get past the first transition sons phase and into the later ones so that the team is exposed to it more.

I’d like to shore up the sons phase a little more though overall. I was shown an interesting video on streamlining that process to the point where it’s considered trivial. I just hope we can pull it off.

Thanks for the emails and support guys. I’m not going anywhere. I’ve just been working on a side project for some time which has gotten me all fired up again. With an increasing number of guildies and friends getting into and trying out League of Legends, I decided to help consolidate my thoughts and advice into one central location.

You guessed it. A League of Legends blog.


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  1. Can you link the video that you where looking at that makes it trivial?

  2. Link to the LoL site? Just started, lvl 10 and terrible.

  3. Have your Paladin’s Glyph Holy Wrath for the Son’s. It makes a huge difference. Also assign positions for Center Hammer and Big Side / Little Side Hammer. Helps everyone if they know where they are supposed to be before the Son’s spawn.

    Have fun with the LoL log.

  4. After struggling with the same issue, what worked for us was to assign 2 DPS to each son spawn point (which varies depending on where the hammer is) – i.e. each DPS has 3 positions to ‘remember’ and go for.

    We try and assign people with ‘strong’ stuns (e.g. rogues, pallies, etc) to the adds that are closest to the hammer, ones with more minor stuns, knockbacks or deathgrip to the ones slightly further away, and people with no stuns / DoT damage to the adds with the longest distance to travel. With 6 healers and 2 tanks there’s 17 DPS in the raid, which means (with 8 sons) there’s one ‘spare’ – we generally have a boomkin or a elemental shaman in this, who’s assigned to generally looking out for anything that looks to be ‘getting away’ and applying knockbacks and DPS to it.

    Best of luck with your progression.

  5. Matt, have all paladins glyph Holy Wrath(including Holy and Prot) then assign 2 floating paladins to the closest spawns on each side of the hammer, have them stand in between the two that spawn and Holy Wrath the second they spawn. They use HoJ once it makes it about halfway to the hammer, ideally they will both be Holy so they can float, prot can do the same thing on another pair. Don’t forget Death Grips do work on them also, finally have your dps all save their short dps CDs for the sons, since p1 and p2 are rather easy dps checks.

  6. We run 10 man Ragnaros, but the way both my team and another team in my guild have been successful in the transition phases is to lock in assignments and expectations for each of the 8 sons. We number them 1-8 from left to right and then each dps is assigned 1 or 2 sons, with the assistance of a tank or healer for crowd control or augmented dps. It then only requires some fine tuning to get right. Paladins with the glyphed Holy Wrath are incredibly useful, as Donthealme mentioned. You can have a floater or two who is assigned weak/strong side assistance, but in general, it seems to be more reliable to assign two dps to separate sons rather than use “free floaters”.

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