Back in Front of Ragnaros

Back in Front of Ragnaros

It took us a while, but we’re finally here! The first phase seems to be easy overall. My actual level of experience is goes to the final phase with around 40% left. The struggle for me now is to transfer the knowledge that myself and some of the other veterans to the players who are just seeing him for the first time. We’re able to get to the sons phase and it seems as though we can handle any of the hammerfalls that occur off center. But once the center hammer strikes, we have a 50/50 chance of busting through. I think it would help our efforts if we had an additional knock back as we only have one Balance Druid right now providing the positioning knockbacks we need. On a few attempts, I’ve jumped on my Elemental Shaman instead of my Priest to help provide the knockbacks. I’m not exactly in my element (get it? Element?) but at this point, my goal is for us to consistently get past the first transition sons phase and into the later ones so that the team is exposed to it more.

I’d like to shore up the sons phase a little more though overall. I was shown an interesting video on streamlining that process to the point where it’s considered trivial. I just hope we can pull it off.

Thanks for the emails and support guys. I’m not going anywhere. I’ve just been working on a side project for some time which has gotten me all fired up again. With an increasing number of guildies and friends getting into and trying out League of Legends, I decided to help consolidate my thoughts and advice into one central location.

You guessed it. A League of Legends blog.


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