Awesome WoW Moments: #1 Surviving When You Had No Business Surviving

Last week, the crew and I were working on some Icecrown hard modes. Specifically, we spent a few hours wiping to Sindragosa on 10 man. On one of the pull ins, my mouse stopped responding for a moment and I lost my bearings. I knew there was no way I could run out in time. So I held my breath, cast Pain Suppression on myself and watched as I survived with several thousand health points left in the tank.

I don’t advise anyone doing that.

But managing to survive through certain death is, without a doubt, one of the best highs you can experience in the game.

Other such moments include:

  • Receiving a Power Word: Shield with double digit health left
  • Guardian Spirit activating
  • The angry Faction Champion after you getting death gripped away when one more swing would’ve killed you


Yeah. I bought the book as a birthday gift for a friend. Made me think about WoW moments. I felt inspired.

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  1. The weekend after Ruby Sanctum opened up, we were one of the first PUGs on our server (Tichondrius-US) to attempt the fight on 25m. After about 4 hours, the group was really pushing to get the kill and get the hell out. We are executing perfectly inside, Halion is at less than 2% and all of a sudden a rogue Dispeller mashes his button all too soon, almost causing yet another discouraging wipe. The circle of death was dropped right in the middle of the melee DPS, but with some quick shielding/cooldown-blowing and a slight reposition, we managed to stay coordinated and the dragon fell beneath our exasperated cries of victory.

  2. Throwing a Guardian Spirit on someone, assuming that it didn’t land because you never saw the buff show up on your Power Auras… but it’s now on cooldown.

  3. Gronthe says:

    I love it when I’m in Shadow and I see someone about to die, I throw my weak PW: Shield on them to give the healer a couple seconds to respond. When that person is healed up someone usually calls out: “Awesome heals”. I’m not slighted, even though I know my little shield gave the healer the extra second they needed to catch up.

    I once popped a shield on myslef when it showed that I had 0…that’s ZERO…health. I didn’t die, had 1.5 seconds to get flash heal up. Oh how I love those last second PW:Shields!!!

  4. What Phelps said. Those moments are pure awesomeness.

  5. Not quite within scope but awesome still.

    First week of TOGC25 being available. Wiping on beasts learning the fight and on our best attempt in phase 3 some retard get munched by the charge. We’re well inside the enrage timer but we’ve lost 1 tank already and the current tank got stomped. CRs have been used already.

    Distracting shot. Deterrance. Readiness. Ready to pop deterance again.

    Enrage fades – last tank taunts – we kill (I think it was even server first). Closest I’ve felt to feeling badass in WoW.

    We had something similar with our first Sarth25 3D kill, remaining add tank dies – drake loose and one of our DPS dks taunts – switches presence and blows every CD he has and manages to tank it till it dies. After that point the big guy was easy anyway.

  6. Tankette says:

    Back in BC I spent a lot of time tanking in ZA. We never got to the point where we overgeared the place or any of the fights became easy. On one occassion I was tanking the dragonhawk boss when I disconnected. It was at least 30 seconds if not a full minute before I got back in. When I did finally get back in it was a shocking surprise to see we were all still alive and on top of that I somehow held aggro on the boss.

    Kind of along the lines of your topic, one of the coolest things about the game in the beginning was coming up on some random player getting killed by a quest mob and throwing them a life saving heal when they thought they were a goner.

  7. When I did finally get back in it was a shocking surprise to see we were all still alive and on top of that I somehow held aggro on the boss.

    That kind of reminds me of one of our favorite mini-pranks we like to do in BC. In our officer clique, our tank had a habit of staying in auto-attack while getting ready for a pull — and then just decided to say “afk” on vent and disappear for five or ten minutes.

    One time, we decided it would be funny to misdirect (remember when that was new and cool?) the pull onto the tank and kill him. Except when we did that… he started building decent threat — enough for us to work with. So the pali started healing, figuring he could bubble if it went bad — but it didn’t. Our dps started dpsing slowly (EFFING SLOWLY!!!) and had about half the pull down when the tank erupts with sunders and thunderclaps and everything else he could think of, along with an exacerbated “WTF?” on vent.

    From that point on, he complained that he couldn’t even go AFK without wondering whether or not he would be in combat when he came back. And we did it every time we thought it would work. 😀 (We also misdirected a pull onto anyone we thought was taking too long in an AFK. Usually the noise of combat got them back quickly, but sometimes not quickly enough.)

  8. There is a mage in my guild that my guild makes their mission to kill in randoms and raids…..and they got so mad at me that I was saving him without taunting. I saved him once with a 35k threat deficit because out uber geared hunter did the misdirect on him, and I got a tell saying not to taunt but feel free to try to save him. I did, they were pissed, I felt like a great tank at that point.

  9. When the MT is on 2% health on LK heroic and i quickly press my “oh shit!”-button (NS+HT) and dont see her health moving at all Oo

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