Avoiding Burnout

I have one of the heaviest raid schedules in WoW. Case in point:

Sunday: 4 PM – 9 PM (Carnage)
Monday: 7 PM – 10 PM (Sinful Intent Karazhan)
Tuesday: 6 PM – 9 PM (Carnage)
Wednesday: 7 PM – 10 PM (Sinful Intent)
Thursday: 6 PM – 9 PM (Carnage)
Friday: None
Saturday: None

That’s a good solid 17 hours of raiding per week. My recent midterm results were less than stellar. It doesn’t take a Gnomish scientist to figure out that WoW just might have a factor with that in some fashion. So I’m making the pledge right now that for every hour of raiding I do, I will match it with one hour of reading and/or studying.

My entire time on WoW is virtually spent raiding. I might do one or two five man dungeons in a week. PvP is no longer something I’m interested in for the moment (wretched AV fixes!). But I really enjoy raiding. I relish the thrill of taking down big giant voidwalkers and roasting the largest fish known to man (or dwarf). Raiding on a scale like this is very taxing. It’s important to balance this gaming life style with other activities to avoid burning out from WoW.

A few years ago, they broadcasted those Anti-Drug commercials. You know, the one where it shows a kid on TV saying something like “Friends: My Anti-Drug”. I think that should be applied to WoW to some extent. Otherwise, you will get burned out from the game and will no longer find it enjoyable. I play a little poker with my friends once a month or so. There’s nothing like a little get together with your high school friends and having a good time. Nothing in the world could beat that feeling of comradeship and entertaining experience (always stay in touch with friends, I say). I pre-ordered Hellgate London from EB Games. It seems like it’s going to be another Diablo-esque MMO with first person shooting elements involved.

If I’m not busy playing WoW, I’m keeping myself busy with online shooters. CS: Source, TF2, Call of Duty 2, DoD: Source are among the few games that I come back to when I’m not in WoW. Sometimes, nothing relieves frustration more then shooting Nazis. In the summer, I would always play games of pickup street hockey in the local lacrosse rink. Now that fall’s starting to set in and the weather is turning horrible, that option becomes less and less attractive.

What’s your Anti-Burnout?

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  1. Doc Holiday says

    Wow Matt thks for stealing an article I was writing

    I am experiancing burn out right now. I transfered to a new server because they raid at better times for me and I am just not feeling that love with these new guys.

    I think I might retire my Hunter and maybe my wow career as well

  2. No, don’t retire. Whose going to watch my six when I’m busy farming?

    Sounds to me like you need some time to gel and get some chemistry going with your guild. How long do you think it will take for Jagr, Drury, and Shanny to develop chemistry? Or any other three players for that matter. It just takes some time.

    Keep writing though, Doc. I can set yours up as a part 2 or something.

  3. For burnout in general, Guitar Heroes (all of them) really help me out. I also find that if I am able to focus on the different aspects of the game, then I don’t get burned out. I have my raiding with my guild, but then I’m really enjoying leveling a toon with my wife (which is an entirely different game).

    Of course, it’s kind of funny to see the reaction on her face when I remind her that I’m raiding that evening. I never thought I’d get that disappointed look from my wife over video games.

    So a more general point might be simply to hang out with different friends from time to time doing something different (wow or not).

  4. I’m thinking about buying that for the Wii to be quite honest.

  5. My antiburnout:

    making fun of matticus on ventrilo

  6. so true


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