Ask a beta healer

Hey everyone, hope your friday hasn’t been as eventful as mine. Electrical problems have been plaguing the train systems here. Some areas are single track only. Ended up being late for my chemistry class (but thats okay, it was a refresher on scientific notation, moles and balancing and oh my god its been 6 years since I’ve seen this stuff).

I hit 85 over the past week on beta and if you’re curious, I wrote about my experience and thoughts on healing so far. You can see Lodur’s done the same here as well.

So for a rainy friday post, I wanted to open the floor to you guys. Feel free to ask any questions about the beta or healing or instances below. Come monday, I’ll try to round them all up into an answers post. I admit, I’m not as well versed in the state of paladins or druids so far. Hopefully I can tap into the wisdom of both Kurn and Lissanna (I think I ran into her in Twilight Highlands as I was leveling, but I can’t be sure). Of course, I’ll try to harass Lodur as well if there are any Shamanistic shenanigans I should know about.

Anyway, whatever your healing class and whatever your questions, I’ll see if I can answer to them. If I can’t, I’ll find someone who might know.

Have a good weekend!

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