A Real Last Ditch Effort Between a Druid and a Priest

I had the pleasure of ringing for Sinful Intent in their Karazhan run (Carnage demoted it to an off raid night). Going into Karazhan for the first time was so long ago. It’s been a while since I ran with a Karazhan team that had not been able to take down Prince within the coveted 3 hour mark. Attumen, and Moroes were easy take downs.

Maiden became an interesting fight. We did not have a Paladin running with us. Our healing Matrix consisted of two Holy Priests and a Resto Druid. No Blessing of Sacrifice. This was going to be tough. I volunteered to run into the Consecrates. Needless to say, it worked. I came very close to death. I think my health even dropped to the double digits at some points. Our only casualty was the Resto Druid who was too far back behind the pillars and out of my line of site. She perished from a Holy Fire. Let this be a lesson guys. If you can’t see your other healers or dispellers, they can’t see you. When you’re executing a take down on Maiden, always move in front of the pillars within that circle.

Big Bad Wolf was rocked with several minor deaths (mine included, but a soul stone negated that effect).

The clear to Curator was very swift and very disciplined. It was perfect. I maintained a 60% plus mana reserve at all times with my shadow fiend. Ghost, after ghost, after ghost fell. Quickest chain pulling I’ve seen yet. The fight with the big boss bot was interesting. DPS was suuuuper slacking. I think we got up to the 3rd evocate. Someone forgot to eat their Wheaties that morning.

So here’s the play: At the conclusion of the 3rd evocate, I think Curator was sitting somewhere around 20%. The other Priest was dry. Our resto druid was dry. I was seconds away from being dry. A quick glance to my timers indicates my Shadowfiend has one minute remaining. My potion has 45 seconds. All THREE innervates were blown (Boomkin, Resto, and Feral). My 2 minute mana regen Shade of Aran trinket had 1:30. One of Curator’s minisparks shows up and my screen flashes red signifying that I’ve pulled aggro. The tank was at 80% health and there was no way he was going to survive the next 6 seconds with all of his healers out of gas in the tank.

Then it dawned on me.

I scream out over vent: “DON”T HEAL ME”. I had enough mana for 4 more flash heals… which I dumped on the MT to build up even more aggro. Sure enough, Curator targets me and fires a Hateful Bolt (Remember, no Paladins for salvation). I collapse. The Feral Druid understands what I’m trying to do and before I even call for it, he Battle res’s me. I’m back in the game with 33% mana. At this point our tank is nearing death and Curator is at 10+%. I execute my OH $#@& sequence of moves and is able to bring him back up past the point of no return. Curator is now in the single digits. Everyone’s wanding and trying to apply as much pressure as possible. Curator at 2%, I’m out of gas again. Tank buckles and dies. Last ditch nuking ensues. Curator… no longer… operational.

That was the most fun I’ve had for a while yet. There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush of a do or die boss take down in WoW.

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