A Quick Look at the Bangle of Endless Blessings

I just wanted to let it be known that my Priest acquired the Bangle of Endless Blessings from Botanica. My trinkets will now be anchored with a Bangle and an Earring of Soulful Meditation.

With both trinkets activated, my MP5 rockets to a little over 1200 MP5 (without raid buffs).

Why is it awesome?

In short, the Bangle scales with your gear. As you accumulate more Spirit and Mana Regen on your armor, the proc effect of the Bangle becomes that much better.


735 MP5 while not casting
279 MP5 while casting


799 MP5 while not casting
393 MP5 while casting

No raid buffs were involved here.

Look, I’m not going to try to lie to you. I’m not the most mathematically inclined blogger in existence. But those numbers look pretty ridiculous to me and they’re only going to get better. Take a real hard look especially at the MP5 while casting. That’s over a 100 point increase in that time frame. Granted, it’s not a constant. It’s also not an on use effect, but it’s a proc. I haven’t tested it extensively myself, but I’ve been told from multiple sources that it does have an internal 45 second cooldown timer within.

The process

Okay, let’s see if I can pull this off here without losing too many people. The proc effect reads as:

Chance to allow 15% of mana regen to continue while casting for 15 seconds

We know my mana regen is 735. We also know that there are 3 five second windows (if we want to convert the numbers into something MP5 friendly). Lets figure out the total mana return we get from this:

735 x 0.15 x 3

How did I derive this? I get 735 mana every 5 seconds when I’m not casting. I figure out what 15% of that number is. Lastly I multiply that number by 3 to figure out the total return of mana I would get when the trinket procs.

Answer: 331 mana returned (I rounded up)

Next, let’s figure out what 331 means in terms of MP5.

We know that 60 divided by 5 is 12. This means there are 12 five second windows in a minute.

Divide 331 by 12 to figure out what the actual MP5 return is.

Answer: 28 MP5

The bangle for me, when I’m not raid buffed, grants me 28 MP5 assuming once a minute procs.

Compared to other trinkets

Tome of Diabolic Remedy: 18 MP5
Vial of the Sunwell: 15 MP5

The two epic trinkets here are constants. Like I said earlier, the Bangle’s mana return will scale as your mana regeneration increases throughout your raiding career. It might suck at first if you’re an entry level Priest getting started in Karazhan. But over time, it’s use becomes that much better.

By the way, if I make an error on my math, logic, or calculation at some point, don’t worry about it.

Either Auz or Wyn will catch it and fix it for me.

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  1. Brunnor says:

    You should check out Rseto4life.com


    She did an amazing job on how trinkets work for healing. She even did, a mana regen calculator and all.

    Phae is the hottest DRUID!!!!!

    Brunnor of Gorgonnash ( Secret Druid admirer of Phae ) :-p

  2. Brunnor says:

    Gah spelling mistake! Its resto4life.com

  3. Indeed, Brunnor! Phae is the hottest Druid around!

    She ain’t no match for this Dorf though!

  4. Shyraia says:

    How does the alchemy trinket compare to these two?

  5. Shyraia says:

    ack, too quick on the post button. The post on http://www.resto4life.com/2008/01/26/arrrghhh-trinkets/ is from january so only took the normal alchemist stone in consideration.

    I have the earring, is it worth it to farm for the bangles? Which situations would they come out better?

  6. Phae is cool ๐Ÿ™‚ But I got luck: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=34371

  7. You should mention the fact that you can time popping the spirit on-use during the proc’s is proportionately awesome because the spirit gets more use while you’re regening faster.

    Trollin’s last blog post..A Winrar is RTZS

  8. I stumbled across the Bangle when doing Bot as a daily run and I LOVE it. Normally I either forget to use trinkets or keep it back – just incase I might need it later. But with the Bangle, the use cooldown is so short, I keep clicking it as soon as I see that it is available. I am unlikely to swap it out for anything this side of the expansion. (Yes, admittedly I am also unlikely to get a close look at any purple trinkets this side of the expansion, but that is not the point. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    Tufvas last blog post..The lure of the Dark Side


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