A Note on Joining Guilds on a PvP Server

Join a Guild that loves to PvP even if their focus is raiding. It’s nice to know that when someone in in the guild is being ganked that fire support is but minutes away. It’s one heck of a sight to see 5 players on epic mounts streaking to your corpse and then fanning out around it. Once the culprit’s identified and located, massive firepower is brought to bear until the threat is neutralized.

…But it’s not over.

That’s when they call their friends and their backup. The domino effect continues until one side has had enough.

This is why I love this Guild. If you mess with one, you really mess with all. I guess you could say we’re a PvP Guild disguised as a raiding Guild.

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  1. wtb membership in your guild.

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  2. I wish I had a bit of that Guild love the other day…

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  3. Are you guys looking for a Horde Priest? 😛

  4. I would advise this whether you’re on a PvP or PvE server. ;D For instance, my guild: The Nox (of Mok’Nathal), primarily a leveling guild created & run by my best friend, myself, and my boyfriend.

    My best friend (our GM) was out in Winterspring one night, skinning yeti for leather, when this Tauren druid comes along & starts ninja-ing his leather. Now, we don’t really have a problem with Horde, we have our own Horde characters on the same server. We DO have a problem with ninjas. Seeing as our server is PvE, my GM flagged his own PvP (he’s 80, the Horde was 73) and was able to get the Tauren to accidentally flag by auto-attacking…guess he shouldn’t have been a ninja. Once dead, he logged off. Not long after, his alt – a lvl 80 BE pally – comes in & attacks…BIG mistake. My boyfriend, a hunter friend of ours, and myself were already on flight paths to Everlook. >=D That paladin & the friends of his who showed up later learned their lesson – the pally/druid even made an Ally toon to talk to us & admitted defeat (Not often you hear that from a ‘high-and-mighty’ Blood Elf).

    Along with the 10+ man RAID group we ended up setting up in Grizzly Hills to defend Arcturis’ spawn point so our hunter friend could tame him (and not the Blood Elf hunter who was also going to try to tame the bear – Hey, we’d spent 3 days straight waiting in shifts for that bear to spawn), and the other times our guildies and friends have been ganked or irritated by Horde, we have shown ourselves a force to be reckoned with. We may be a leveling guild, but we’re not n00bs. We protect our own and have fun doing it. So, when a Hordie decides to pick on one of our members (regardless of level), they soon learn a valuable lesson: Don’t mess with the Nox. ;D

    While this likely sounds like a plug for my guild, that’s not my point. The point is, whether the server you play on is PvP, PvE, or RP, it’s always beneficial to be in a guild with helpful, active players who enjoy the occasional world PvP, and who are going to stick up for you when you find yourself in a pinch.

    (On another, related point, it’s fun as hell to moonfire a paladin to death while in Resto spec. ;P)

    ~ Hannya ~
    Lvl 80 Night Elf Druid

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