A New Day

Some quick updates are in order.


I got a new job. Shouldn’t affect my bloggingness on here or on WoW.com. It’s to do with motorcycles! Nervous? Just a little.

My blog

There are some things I want to hash our further on the blog. It’s hard for me to find things that I want to reference. Solution? Set up dedicated pages for tips on each class which link within the blog. It is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I just have to make time for it.

My characters

The bright side is that I scored 4 piece for all my toons so I don’t have to run the daily heroic as much anymore. This’ll free up more time for me to work on other stuff (or at least, regain it).

In the beginning of the year, I took a quick break from the game by playing Mass Effect 2 heavily. I’d only show up for raids. I wanted to vary up the routine a bit to mitigate and reduce burnout as well as fatigue. After that, I took a heavy interest in running a few of the hard modes in Ulduar with several guildies who wanted a shot at it. Even with full regalia, some of the encounters still posed a challenge from a technical execution stand point.

My guild

Rolling 2 full lines on 10 man is an incredible chore. The lineup on day 1 may not be the same as the lineup on day 2. One of the groups was able to score a Marrowgar hard mode kill. We actually wiped on gunship once because I underestimated how hard those axethrowers would actually throw. Tonight it’s back to work on Sindragosa on 25. We had two heartbreaking wipes at 9k health and 22k health remaining respectively. It’s all about consistency and we’re not hitting it right now. I’m still looking for more ranged DPS and healers to challenge for top spots (or alternatively, as long term prospects when Cataclysm comes out).

Out of curiosity, do you remember what your first day at your job was like? Any good stories?

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