A Blizzard Tribute to Phaelia (Her Own Vestments)!

A Blizzard Tribute to Phaelia (Her Own Vestments)!


If you wander over to MMO Champion’s loot scan list of items from Ulduar, you might notice this item for Druids.

Yup, you’re not seeing things. There is a Chest piece from Ulduar that drops. It’s called Phaelia’s Vestments of the Sprouting Seed!

It’s a clear tribute from Blizzard who has recognized her efforts and contributions to the Resto Druid community. Big grats Phae!

So this begs the question. If you could have an item named after your character, what would it be and what would you call it?

I’d probably call mine the Mallet of Matticus. It would have to be a healing mace for sure.

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  1. Oh wow. Well deserved!

  2. There is already a Pugnacious Collar in the game, I think I also would be rather named after a weapon, A sharp pointy one with lots of +spellpower
    Zahrah’s blade of Poignant power

    Zahrahs last blog post..Maslow’s Hierarchy of Guilds

  3. Not an item. But an inn of my own would be pretty cool!

    Larísas last blog post..A post about emotions, passion and my need for ironskin

  4. Indeed, a nice tribute.

    As for the item.. I’m still hesiting between:

    “Zusterke’s Lost Kneecap” – Trinket, teleports the player to Zusterke on use (1 day cooldown).

    “Zusterke’s Spare Leg” – Offhand, with loads of spirit but also a curse debuff on. Can also be used as fishing pole.

  5. I would love it if there was a set of swords such as Dal Rend’s named after my charachter, I’ve always enjoyed dual wield since my days as a fury warrior in MC.
    I wouldn’t even mind if they were blue quality such as Lathros’s I’d have a hard time changing them for some epic weapons though.

    Isaacs last blog post..Easy, Medium, Hard

  6. Hey that’s really cool for Blizz to recognise a players effort by naming a gear piece after them as part of the World of Warcraft which does already see allot of even quests named after popular pop culture. I thinks that’s really cool.

    My choice of a item if Blizzard could make a item would be “Medallion of the Ardent Defender” it would be a epic great tanking trinket of some kind.

    Always great work on the blog Matt!

  7. Nice one 🙂 Ohhh, maby one day I’ll have my name on something as well ^^ (can’t hurt to dream). I’d go for a trinket/necklace/ring strangely enough. Gratz I’d say!

    SuicidalPriests last blog post..I have failed…

  8. Mine would be a tanking mace shaped like a rolling pin. It could be called Mrs Spinks’ Persuader.

  9. I’m going to have to wear those! It makes me feel really good that the developers would do something like that. Phaelia made such a contribution to the community and I’m so glad they could recognize it.

    My item would be Sydera’s Crown of Laurel–you know, like you see in the paintings of Virgil, Dante and Petrarch. That’s for my writerly aspirations. And also, you know, I like pretty leaves that don’t hide my face.

  10. Mine would be a trinket called “The Curse Of Revaan”, and on use the RNG gives the worst possible result until the raid has wiped, 10-second cooldown.

  11. Very nice for her, was a sad day when everyone found out she was retiring.

    Mine would have to be “Dueg’s Holy Essence”, a trinket with the flavor text ‘You don’t wanna know’

    Holy Duegs last blog post..Friday Strats – Heigan the Unclean

  12. The Scepter of Myssidia. An offhand with Int, mp5, sp, and crit… because right now the best thing I’ve had drop for me is an offhand with +hit on it ;.; (/fail). No one else wanted it and it was an upgrade from the badge offhand.

    Myssidias last blog post..Wherein I talk about real life a little bit.

  13. A ring called Lodur’s Loop a very healer centric ring, or Lodur’s Totem of Odin which would have an effect on chain heal and haste.

    and yes this is awesome for Phae! One hell of a way to say thank you.

  14. Ducttape says:

    IDK about naming an item after me. What would they be? Wristwraps of Ducttape? 100 MPH Cape? What would the bonus be? When struck in combat, wraps you up increasing armor by 1000 for 10 sec?

    Gratz Phaelia

  15. I would like “Hagu’s Healing Mace of Emo Cynicism”

  16. That is wonderful, congratulations to Phae!

    Aureilies last blog post..Tagged… again?

  17. that is really epic ^^
    gratz Phaelia ^^

    wowgirls last blog post..Argent Tournament passo à passo

  18. They named a place after me in Dalaran, the Legerdemain, well… obviously I named myself after another word 😉

    I have a mage troll with a troll-ized name “Lejurdumeyn” (the way you’d imagine a troll would spell it). I’ve shortened it ot Lejur though to make it easier for people to type. I was awesome-tastic-happy to see my own pub in the game. 😉

  19. That’s awesome on Blizzard’s part. Well done.

    As for ‘my” item. Honor’s Hammer, of course. 1 handed mace with stamina, dodge, defense and Block Value, modeled after Uther’s hammer.

    honorshammers last blog post..I May Never Zone Into Storm Peaks Again

  20. Serene echoes for Sereno
    been there done that

  21. A healing ring for me – a girl has GOT to have her bling after all.

    Ring of Nadraness

  22. Julanna’s Bubbly Wings

    A cloak that looks like wings (i will be sad to upgrade my T7 to t8), and besides usual holy priests stats, it will have an on use effect. I would expect it to be un-enchantable due to the coolness of the use effect.

    On use: casts power word shield on two (pre-selected) players without having to target them. In my case, a certain warlock and elemental shammy.

    causes and interferes with no global cooldowns.

    has a 10 minute cooldown. (as in, the goal here is only using it once per bossfight)

    Due to my personality, I feel the wings should be shiny, or glittery io even just create a line of bubbles behind me. With the possibility of dropping a pet to accompany them, like a fairy or something.

  23. For my own toon, I’d love Amava’s Chilly Kilt – “You’d be surprised how drafty it can be when you’re swinging free.” – definitely hunter loot, because I’m jealous that all the cool mail kilts are for Shamans.

    As for someone else that Conquest knows and loves…

    Dusty Miner’s Epic Leggings – “Are those Bugle Boy leggings you’re wearing?”

    Amavas last blog post..Ask Amava – Malygos, Main Assisting, and Teh Suck

  24. That is really awesome for Phae, really nicely done.

    Now, if I were to receive an ingame item, it’d have to be a shield. I love shields best, and the cooler they look, the better. Kadomi’s Shield of the Frostwolf would be fabulous, it should be a tribute to my beloved horde. Ah, a girl can dream.

    Kadomis last blog post..Addon corner: Kadomi’s UI as video

  25. Well deserved! Her posts will be sorely missed!

    WoW Druids last blog post..Achievements are like small free cookies

  26. priestgiblet says:

    Mine would be an off-hand called “Priestly Giblets”. It would have a lot of crit with some text saying something along the lines of “Do you really want to be holding these?”

  27. What? My characters name is Phaelia, and I’m a Warlock! LAME


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