8 Non-WoW Related Blogs You Should Read

“Variety is the very spice of life that gives it all its flavour.”
William Cowper

I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but sometimes I get a little bored after reading nothing but World of Warcraft blogs all day. It’s bad that I get to the point where I cry out in frustration and “mark all as read”. Like my diet, I need a bit of variety once in a while. It’s also not easy being a writer and there are times when ideas are few are far in between. Sometimes reading about different topics once in a while can get the creative juices flowing. With that in mind, check out a few of these other non-WoW blogs:

1: Waiter Rant – These are the adventures of…. a waiter. He writes about day to day trials and tribulations of being in the restaurant service agency. While on it’s own you might think it’s boring, his ability to create interest and his tales from the kitchen make it an entertaining read. In fact, he was voted on Performancing as the 2nd funniest blog on the internet.

2: Presentation Zen – As a student, delivering presentations is a valuable skill to have. The ability to communicate powerful messages is one that any person working in multimedia should learn. Garr Reynolds principles of minimalism and getting straight to the point as much as possible are points that I try to work in my blog and my presentations at school. It’s a good blog to follow if you’re generally interested in public speaking. For college students, corporate people, AND ESPECIALLY PROFESSORS!

3: Skelliewag – Skellie’s a professional blogger based from New Zealand. Any blogger who wants to perfect their blogging and writing would do well to subscribe to Skellie’s blog. She’s got some great tips on how to not lose your sanity when writing along with other general blogging tips.

4: Study Hacks – This ones an education blog meant specifically for post secondary or even high school students. I keep the sections on “Study Tips” and “Student Productivity” bookmarked. When you’re trying to balance raiding, sleeping, blogging, and school, you need every advantage you can get.

5: Issues of Life – Life is definitely not easy. There are always different challenges and obstacles in the way that seem to affect the direction that you are going. Thankfully, Luke Houghton has a with approaches to problem solving, being creative, effectively managing relationships and “how to cope and succeed in life”.

6: Guy Kawasaki – I’ve known about Guy Kawasaki for a while but I’ve only recently begun following his blog. He’s a venture capitalist who invests in small startups and profits on them if they turn out successful. I watched one of his keynotes and he told a story about how he had a chance to become the CEO of Yahoo! but turned it down because of the 1 hour drive to work. Extremely interesting person and also delivers outstanding keynotes.

7: Write to Done – Another blog aimed at writers. Although not specifically targeted towards bloggers, I’ve grown to apply some of the tips here on to my blog and writing in general.

8: Zen Habits (URL fixed, thanks Becca and Anna) – Another recent addition to my reading list, Zen Habits has blog pieces directed towards zentastic views and philosophies toward life. Definitely another blog to read on life, relationships, and productivity (3 areas I could use pointers on). This blog is also by the same guy who does Write to Done.

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  1. Did you mean http://zenhabits.net/? The link you have for Zen Habits goes to a page indicating the site is for sale.

  2. I think your last link should be to zenhabits.net?

  3. bah! go me for not refreshing the page. Becca wins!

  4. Becca, Anna: Thanks you two.

    I learned a very valuable lesson today.

    1) Never write a post under stress or duress on monday.
    2) Always check the time stamps.
    3) Never press publish when you’re ready to post.

  5. Hey Thanks for including me amongst such esteemed company. I feel honoured and privileged.

    God bless you!

    Luke Houghton.

  6. I’ve enjoyed reading waiter rant.

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