5 Ways to Pass Time on a Saturday

5 Ways to Pass Time on a Saturday

Need something to read for your Sunday evening? I’ve got some selections for you! Did some car shopping today. Love the new car smell. Didn’t buy or commit to anything yet. Eliminated the RAV 4, Expedition, and Escape.

The Guild Philosophy of Dr. Seuss

If Dr Seuss were a raider, this is what he’d be looking for in a guild. I imagine it’s what we’re all looking for. Elizabella lists positive and appealing guild aspects (for most of us, at least).

Mistweaver Monk Abilities and Rotation

If you’re looking for a solid resource for Monks, visit my fellow WoW insider colleague Chase’s recently updated guide. It’s got a better overview of spells along with rotations and situations.

Dragon Soul Retrospective

Jasyla lays out her experience in the final raid of Cataclysm and how it was for her as a healer.

Crisis of Identity

Kaleri muses how the upcoming change of role is going to affect. Going from a healer to a tank should be an easier transition. At least, a tank knows the trials that a healer goes through in order to keep them alive.

Blizzard wants you to have fun

Yes they do. You get valor points for doing just about anything now. Can’t wait for Farmville WoW style to debut so I can get valor points for growing turnips. Personally, I like having all these options at my disposal. It means if raid gets cancelled due to real life holidays or if we have a finals week where 10 players in the guild need to write their LSAT/MCAT exams, we can still at least secure valor that week (Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever had a doctor in the guild, ever).

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  2. DaveJohn says:

    Love my Nissan rogue so far. If you don’t mind the name, as a priest I mean.

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