5 Rejected WoW Blog Ideas

5 Rejected WoW Blog Ideas


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A lot of WoW Bloggers I know of suffer from Altitus wherein they have so many alts and appear to have a hard time trying to focus on one. While I do have multiple healer alts myself, I’ve maximized my time accordingly and powered them individually so that they are all fairly high level characters. All of them (sans the Druid) are capable of healing Black Temple and Mount Hyjal on their own.
But this post isn’t about Altitus. I suffer from a unique ailment.

I’m afflicted with Blogitus.

There are more WoW blogs out there than Netherweave on the auction house. All it takes is a really killer idea in a niche to set it apart from the rest (so that we don’t end up with another hunter or another druid blog. Not that they’re bad or anything). I quickly examined Blog Azeroth and my reader to try and find out what already existed. Class blogs were out of the question so it boiled down to what I thought people might be interested before mentally shooting it down.

Herez Pilton

What it could’ve been: It’s a play on words off of two different things. The celebrity gossip website Perez Hilton and the in game character Haris Pilton.
Why it got rejected: How much effort and how much entertainment would all that drama actually be? Perez spends 18 hours a day chasing down leads and photos. For this to really work, I’d have to spend copious amounts of time on the WoW Realm forums daily. I don’t have that kind of time to offer, unfortunately.


What it could’ve been: A site with numerous healer bloggers culd go and contribute. Would have featured multiple authors and guest posts from favourite names in the community.
Why it got rejected: Difficult to micromanage. Don’t have the resources or the time to invest in it as much as I’d want. Would have to score major cooperation from other writers. Although, I might actually explore this idea later in the future. I’m a chronic project starter.


What it could’ve been: Nothing more than a rant blog about bad raids and bad guilds. Diary style. Similar to Waiter Rant. It would’ve been day-to-day entries from a raider and 5 minute windows of their raid life. Probably would’ve been updated once or twice a week to help avoid stagnation.
Why it got rejected: My Guild isn’t at the point where I want to rant about them on a weekly basis. A blog like this needs to have some diversity. Readers would tire quickly about stories about the Mage that can’t tank Gruul’s or the idiot hunter who can’t seem to click cubes. Has to be some randomness and the writer has to be able to captivate the audience.


What it could’ve been: An extremely narrow focused blog about consumables, items, gear, and such. Would’ve talked about gear guides, where to get them, combinations, criticisms and so forth.
Why it got rejected: Almost as exciting as watching a Holy Paladin and a Resto Druid duel.

The Battle Standard

What it could’ve been done: All PvP talk, all the time, with news, opinion, highlight reel finishers and so forth about Arenas, BGs, and world PvP.
Why it got rejected: I have to actually PvP. I have enough time to either PvP or raid. I can’t do one or the other really well. I also need to have some credibility and having a low arena rating doesn’t do much to inspire justice (although ~1550 in BG9 actually isn’t that bad).

Now that’s not to say that any of these ideas are bad. I merely listed why they were bad for me (at least for now). I think a cunning and motivated blogger could take any of these ideas and make it work really well.

With this in mind, what types of unorthodox WoW blogs can you think of?

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  1. Your comment box tells me to speak my mind so here it goes…

    I understand completely about being stretched apart trying to find your home in the blogosphere and it is quite hard to make one place your own. Even till this day I am suffering from the same disorder as you but within my own blog, as there is too much content to write in only one way.

    Daily I am trying to better myself and try to lay down a solid concrete form of a blog I am trying to establish, and for that reason I am struggling.

    Other Denied Niche Topics Could Be:

    1. Discussing Patches/Nerfs/OP’s
    The balance in play style that various patches bring or the various nerfs that are bestowed to our toons.

    2. Real Community
    I have seen this too many times, where someone thinks that they will be able to recreate WoW forums. This never works, but if you can find one that does work let me know.

    3. Theorycraft
    This is another hot topic that always fails due to hot debate on someone being wrong or accused of being wrong, simply will not work.

    Those are my contributions to this and I must say that I love the Revolution Theme, I have them on my PC but not implemented on the server yet, due to respecting your blog I will stay away from looking like yours.

  2. LOL, great post 🙂

    At one point I thought about starting a blog like the Herez Pilton one for drama in the forums and in the realm I play on – who ninja’d who, what guild broke up today, who got kicked out and cleared the guild bank with an unknown alt, etc…

    I decided in the end that aside from the amount of time, it’s almost like a poison I’d be taking every day and regurgitating. Sure, people would be entertained, but at what cost to my own happiness?

    I’m weird like that 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my blog! You’ve got a very nice looking one yourself, I’ll be sure to check back soon!


  3. Visin: Actually, the real community one could work. But it has to be focused on an extremely specific audience in WOW. Look at Shadowpriest.com or that… tanking forum one (and Plusheal,which I’ll shamelessly plug!)

    As for using the Revo theme, I won’t hold it against you or anyone if a blog decides to use a theme similar to what I have here. I’ve made numerous key alterations and I know they won’t be the last. This is, after all, only a 4.0. I’m already busy devising a 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, etc. So if anyone wants to use a Revo theme, I’m totally cool with it because you can always customize the hell out of it.

  4. Now I don’t know if this idea exists or not yet? I made a quick list and came up with over 36 topic ideas just off the top of head on this idea. WoW Psychology 101. A blog to focus on the relationships on Wow. How to identify differences (social and learning) and work with them in your raid or BG.

    As a raid leader if you knew that a player was ADHD, what would be the best approach when communicating.
    Ever have a person in your raid that can’t listen to directions; maybe they have an auditory sensory issue and the techniques used to help you communicate with them.
    In my own travels just on the game I have met 3 people with manic depression. How do you deal with a person in your guild with major mood swings?
    How do you effectively and calmly get your point across?
    Techniques when dealing with a real jerk.
    A simple test: (are you a square, circle or triangle) use this test to learn how people in your raid are and how to work with them.
    The dyslexic: Be like General Patton on the battlefield.

    How’s this for an Unorthodox blog ideas? LOL

    I would really like to get this going but I myself have dyslexia and it takes me along time to spit out the stuff in my head. If only i could plug in a cord directly from my brain to the computer, then I’d be in business.

    Feel free anyone to use these ideas..I serve on a board for parents of children with LD and ADHD and I work with people with Alzheimers so I’m quite experienced in this field. Pop me a buzz through Plus heal if you need anyone research on this junk.

  5. @Missmedic: Errr, I know it’s probably not the right thing to do or the nice thing to do, but I tend to just remove them from my raids if they don’t fit in :\. But I’m not the most patient or forgiving guy on the planet. 🙁

  6. @Matticus
    You’re such a triangle!!!! 🙂

  7. I hear you. I myself suffer from a combination of blog-itis and niche-content-site-itis. Thankfully I’ve only got the two WoW sites right now (Petopia and Warcraft Mounts), plus the blog (Arcania). But my hard drive is littered with the abandoned bits of a tailoring site, a site about hedgehogs, a site on how to start a WoW blog, a blog for chronic soloers, a site about breeding lizards, and a blog about running niche content sites.

    Manias last blog post..Trimming the Wrath Pet Trees

  8. @ The Battle Standard

    I actually think this is a really good idea. As far as I know there isn’t a blog like this at the moment (although my scope of blogs is extremely small), and the mention of videos is something that would really make the blog unique.

    Torrents last blog post..Tanking Melee as Discipline

  9. Doc Holiday says:
  10. DocHoliday says:

    You have to understand something about the audience you are dealing with too

    High End Hardcore Raiders ie..The top 50 or so guilds in the US are probably not going to be into reading blogs. Thats not saying they do not do it but the majority are probably on E&J anyways

    High End Raiders ie..Cleared BT by now working on 1/6,2/6.3/6 Sunwell are generally the type that read blogs because by nature they are slightly behind Hardcore raiders in skill and need to get good ideas from different sources. They also tend to be more mature in age as well.

    Feeder Guilds ie..Guilds that do Kara,ZA, and maybe some of the bosses in SSC/TK. The ones that want to get into better guilds probably are looking for any resources they can find to get better. The others do not care at all

    Noobs,Casuals and AltAholics..ie pretty much every else besides PvPers. You will have the small majority documenting there exploits in a story like way but that person is a very very small minority. These people do no look for blogs.

    Hardcore PvPers. Fall into the same category as Hardcore raiders. You can find them on Arena Junkies or just doing there own thing.

    I noticed something else about bloggers as well. They tend to make up there own audience. So the majority of people responding are in fact themselves bloggers

  11. Doc: Bingo.

  12. Hi friends

    I am Joseph from London.
    Not to sure what you are trying to say..I mean is it or is it not.

    Anyhow I know I am rambling but try to see it from someone reading it the first time without thinking about it first.
    Luwow Goldman

  13. Some pretty good ideas there that somebody else might snatch and take it from you 😀

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