3.1 Priest Opinion and Analysis and PTR Guild

My wrist is killing me so I’ll keep this brief. The PTR just got loaded and greenlit last night at around 9 PM PST. You can find the patch notes here.

I stayed up most of last night burning the midnight oil with the rest of the WoW Insider staff. My analysis and opinion on the Priest changes are live right now.

Plus Heal PTR Guild

I mentioned that I would be forming a PTR team to go in and explore Ulduar. I doubt I’ll be able to get my entire guild involved so I will need a few extras.

I’ve opened a new forum on Plusheal for PTR Discussion.

In addition, I’ll be organizing my guild building efforts on the PTR in this thread. Siha has signed on. This will be a lot of fun! So if you’re interested and if you’re looking for a group to join, post on that thread!

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