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Illi-down: Joy and Disappointment

Illi-down: Joy and Disappointment

I never expected myself to get Kalecgos down before Illidan, but go figure. We knocked him out after roughly 3 hours tonight. First kill took 19 minutes and 28 seconds.

Phat loot

Chestguard of the Forgotten Vanquisher x 2
Chestguard of the Forgotten Conqueror
Shroud of the Highborne
Faceplate of the Impenetrable

Well, there we go. Illidan is dead and we have several months remaining to try to get Kil’Jaden down before Wrath debuts. That’s the happy part.

Here’s the disappointing part and to many of you, it will no doubt appear sad that I’m sad about this. I just found out tonight the the Paladin who has more DKP than I will be getting the Crystal Spire of Karabor before I will. There’s nothing I can do to stop it because he’s willing to put up a substantial amount.

I wish players would do a bit of reading and research to find out what items benefit which classes the most first. The Crystal Spire is a topic that’s been written about earlier and it’s a weapon that should go to Priests and Shamans first. Is it bad for a Paladin? No. But the other classes will be able to utilize it better. I do firmly believe that items should be awarded to players or classes who can make the most out of it.

This is the one of the few downsides of DKP systems, but I’ll leave that for Wyn to touch on when she returns.

Now that Illidan’s down, I suppose I can just relax and retire. Maybe I’ll buy myself an island off the coast of Jamaica somewhere. Or retire to a nice little cottage in the interior and do some golf once in a while or shoot some birds or whatever it is that retired people do.

When MIA Happens to YOU

Hey everyone,

I wanted to give a quick explanation for my recent absence, and weekend-only posts – Been working too hard! Unfortunately, my work-load got doubled about two weeks ago, and my resulting hours have stripped my calendar of the time I used to use for WoW-research and writing. I shall return, and Matt’s posts will once again be edited for grammatical and factual accuracy. I do have to go out of town next week, but should be back to some kind of regularity soon!

Thanks for your patience,

WWI Priest Panel Quick Hits and Reactions

Divine Hymn: Reactive CC. When a Priest gets hit or a party member gets hit, the attacker gets incapacitated temporarily. Could be a spell along the lines of Inner Fire where it has to be maintained. Don’t think we’ll see it in Aura form.

Guardian Spirit: Castable Cheat Death. Borrowing a term from our WWI resident Shadow Priest on what it essentially is. Ability to negate a killing blow. A mini-you shadows your target and if your target dies, your mini-you dies in its stead. Expect to see this bound into our oh crap macros.

Dispersion: Shadow 51 Point Talent. Places yourself in stasis and regenerates 6% health per tick over a period of time. Also reduces incoming damage by 90%. Expecting to see a Stoneform/Dispersion Macro for Dwarf Priests. Looks primarily like a PvP talent. Unsure of how well it will pan out in raids.

In any case, I’m off to watch Wanted!

In the mean time, the comment lines are open! The spells and their abilities themselves were announced. You’ve read my (brief) thoughts. What’s yours?

6 Principles of a Successful Raiding Guild: A Teaser

6 Principles of a Successful Raiding Guild: A Teaser

There’s a contest being held by Slideshare that I fully intend on entering.

I’ve been working on this for a while anyway so I figured I might as well go ahead and enter it once I finish. Here’s a few teaser slides that I’ve had so far. I think one can easily get the gist of the main story I’m trying to tell.

Why a presentation format?

I’m always interested in exploring new ways to share ideas and concepts. Other bloggers have released action videos, some decide to do podcasts, and I wanted to try something that hasn’t really been done before.

Second, I’m a student. As a student, you’re exposed to presentations on a daily basis. Eventually, you have to stand up and give your own. Some of the lectures and presentations given by my fellow student and teachers are jammed full of text. This is my way of learning how to use Keynote without putting a grade on the line.

Untitled 2.002
Untitled 2.003 Untitled 2.004
Untitled 2.005 Untitled 2.006
Untitled 2.010

Would You be Interested in an all Healer Community?

EDIT: Nevermind! It’s been brought to my attention that there *is* in fact an all healer community in existence that’s been around under my nose for the longest time. Light Natured forums appear at first glance to be what I’ve been looking for. The community forum’s been broken down by class and has some extra sections devoted to general discussion and UI’s and such. How I’ve never found this place, I will have no idea. Obviously I didn’t look hard enough =). They need to do a better marketing and promotion job. I guess I’ll have to flex my blogging and WoW Insider muscle and raise some awareness. I do seem to be suffering some performance issues on the forums. They do take a while to get into the different sub sections.

This is one of the few pleasures I get from blogging. My interaction with readers sparks ideas. Sometimes they’re bad, sometimes they’re good, and sometimes I come up with a “EUREKA” of an idea that would’ve done Archimonde Archimedes proud.

Tonight I had a discussion with neutralise as we were discussing the impact of a raid wide Prayer of Healing. Somehow, my brain went off on a tangent. I wondered if there was a community or forum specifically devoted to Holy Priests who would discuss their trade (similar akin to the Shadow forums). After some quick searching, Twittering, and general asking around, I was amazed to discover that there wasn’t a community already in place.

Not only that, there doesn’t seem to be places for Resto Druids, Holy Paladins, or Resto Shamans specifically either.

The only place that I know of that represents anything close is the Elitist Jerks forums. I’m not going to lie. Every time I go there, I feel fairly intimidated. There’s also a lot of information to wade through to get an answer you’re looking for.

My vision

Seeing as there doesn’t seem be a local healer community, I thought to myself why not start a healer community?

Financing is not a problem. One of the reasons I run affiliate advertising on my blog is so that I can take what I earn and invest it directly back into the community. Heh, like it or not, money makes this world go round.

I’m picturing a discussion board where healers of all shapes, sizes and progression levels can:

  • Exchange ideas and tips amongst individual classes
  • Ask for help and advice during PvE content
  • Discuss upcoming healer changes
  • Interact with other healers overall
  • Come for early advice and support on getting started with end game

I’d handle the maintenance and logistics of the project myself including hosting, software and such. The design and structure would be an interesting challenge to undergo.

My obstacles

Moderation – It’s a no brainer that a community like this would most likely attract some big time morons. As much as I’d like to, there’s not a chance in hell that I’d be able to completely police the place. I’d have to realistically turn to volunteers that have proven themselves fair and in possession of a back bone.

Structure – Organization of this community would have to be done properly. Like boss fights, it’s one thing to know what to do. It all comes down to execution. If I can pull it off right, I have no doubt it would be a great community. Done incorrectly, and it would just be another failed startup project. Razorbax suggested a Forum/Wiki combination but I have my reservations about that. I could go forums first and then “immortalize” epic posts after into its own Wiki for easier navigation and access.

By the way, that quote Razorbax listed? Not me.

I swear.

Name – You guys might think this is silly, but the name is important. I don’t simply want to create forums and slap World of Matticus forums on it. A day might come where I won’t be around and it’d be nice for this community to be able to stand on its own. I’d sponsor and support it, but it should have a distinct brand of its own. The challenge here is to think of a name that’s catchy, easy to remember, and isn’t already registered on the WHOIS database.

Interest – But right now, I’m getting ahead of myself. What’s the point of establishing a community if there’s no one interested in it? I ran it by the night owls still awake in BA chat, and they seemed receptive and encouraging of the idea. Still, I’d rather ask you the community in general and get your thoughts.

Any ideas, feedback, questions, or comments would be welcome. But do answer the poll first below =).

Would you participate and be interested in a community aimed for healers?

  • Yes, absolutely! (92%, 82 Votes)
  • No, not really. (8%, 7 Votes)

Total Voters: 89

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Prayer of Healing to Affect the Raid?

Okay Priests, listen up! There’s a big rumor circling around right now affecting a little used spell called Prayer of Healing. The spell is rumored to be retooled come the expansion. How will it be retooled? It’s being considered to affect the entire raid instead of the party of the Priest casting it. Yes, you read this correctly. Prayer of Healing is being looked at being changed to affect the entire raid. Now, before you cream your pants, there’s more.

It would have a limit of 5 targets raid wide and heal the lower health players within range.

In other words, it will heal the 5 weakest players within a certain radius.

This is all the information I’ve been able to glean.

Speculation and guesses

This is the Priest answer to Chain Heal. *grin*

In any case, I suspect the cast time will remain the same.

But I also suspect that the mana cost will no longer be static. Instead, I have a gut feeling that a spell like this will have a cost equivilent to a certain percentage of your mana like maybe 6%. Again, this is purely speculative at this time. This would certainly help counteract the proposed nerf to to the Circle of Healing with regards to the addition of a 6 – 8 second cooldown.

Reliability of rumor

I’m going to take a page from Eklund on this one and create a similar ranking system on any unconfirmed rumors that I see happening around.

M1: Rumor is text only, 1 location (forum post, website,, unofficial patch notes that are unconfirmed, etc), no official comments
M2: Rumor consists of a screenshot or 2, or forum posts from blues
M3: Source consists of multiple screenshots from many different players with multiple angles and is considered too difficult to fake,
M4: Rumor is all but confirmed. It’s been generally accepted as something that will go through live with minor modifications, if any.

So with regards to this possible change in Prayer of Healing, I’m going to have to rank an M1 on this in terms of how reliable it is. If you’re crafty and curious enough, you’ll run into the source sooner or later. I have to be skeptical here because it is taken from an image (which I’m not going to post because I am one scared ass blogger) of a forum post (which could have been doctored).

Still, I simply can’t not report this and bring it to your attention. I’m not a reporter. I don’t have a list of devs or beta testers that I can talk to easily. I’m only reporting what I’m seeing from other places and piecing together what I think makes sense. I cannot vouch for the authenticity, reliability, and so on from these places. Therefore, the best I can do is tell you what I’ve read and what I think about it. I’ll tell you how reliable the sources are and if I’m able to, I’ll pass a direct link for you to evaluate independently on your own.

So with that being said, let’s get some constructive discussion going on here with a few talking points!

  • Think I’m in the ballpark about the mana cost? Would there be any other drawbacks to casting the spell? (IE, a longer cooldown between use, cast time, or something)
  • Is this a good or bad change for Prayer of Healing?
  • What other spells would we like to see revisted in an AoE format to be made more viable as a raid spell? (Note, I do plan on doing a post in the near future about spells I’d like to see that would affect more people than just one.)

When I showed this to Wyn, she had a total nerdgasm on vent. It was glorious. I wish I had hit the record button.

A Quick Look at the Bangle of Endless Blessings

I just wanted to let it be known that my Priest acquired the Bangle of Endless Blessings from Botanica. My trinkets will now be anchored with a Bangle and an Earring of Soulful Meditation.

With both trinkets activated, my MP5 rockets to a little over 1200 MP5 (without raid buffs).

Why is it awesome?

In short, the Bangle scales with your gear. As you accumulate more Spirit and Mana Regen on your armor, the proc effect of the Bangle becomes that much better.


735 MP5 while not casting
279 MP5 while casting


799 MP5 while not casting
393 MP5 while casting

No raid buffs were involved here.

Look, I’m not going to try to lie to you. I’m not the most mathematically inclined blogger in existence. But those numbers look pretty ridiculous to me and they’re only going to get better. Take a real hard look especially at the MP5 while casting. That’s over a 100 point increase in that time frame. Granted, it’s not a constant. It’s also not an on use effect, but it’s a proc. I haven’t tested it extensively myself, but I’ve been told from multiple sources that it does have an internal 45 second cooldown timer within.

The process

Okay, let’s see if I can pull this off here without losing too many people. The proc effect reads as:

Chance to allow 15% of mana regen to continue while casting for 15 seconds

We know my mana regen is 735. We also know that there are 3 five second windows (if we want to convert the numbers into something MP5 friendly). Lets figure out the total mana return we get from this:

735 x 0.15 x 3

How did I derive this? I get 735 mana every 5 seconds when I’m not casting. I figure out what 15% of that number is. Lastly I multiply that number by 3 to figure out the total return of mana I would get when the trinket procs.

Answer: 331 mana returned (I rounded up)

Next, let’s figure out what 331 means in terms of MP5.

We know that 60 divided by 5 is 12. This means there are 12 five second windows in a minute.

Divide 331 by 12 to figure out what the actual MP5 return is.

Answer: 28 MP5

The bangle for me, when I’m not raid buffed, grants me 28 MP5 assuming once a minute procs.

Compared to other trinkets

Tome of Diabolic Remedy: 18 MP5
Vial of the Sunwell: 15 MP5

The two epic trinkets here are constants. Like I said earlier, the Bangle’s mana return will scale as your mana regeneration increases throughout your raiding career. It might suck at first if you’re an entry level Priest getting started in Karazhan. But over time, it’s use becomes that much better.

By the way, if I make an error on my math, logic, or calculation at some point, don’t worry about it.

Either Auz or Wyn will catch it and fix it for me.

Two Tanking Kalecgos

Two Tanking Kalecgos


The setting

It was going to be a boring Monday evening. I caught up with all the blogs and other good reads that I’ve missed during my short break isolated from the hive mind that is the Internet. I figured I’d finish up the Heroes 5 expansion Tribes of the East which I’ve been working on over the weekend.

My good friend Dave, the misguided Enhancement and Restoration Shaman that he is, pops into my vent channel and says to me in a voice that would have made any car salesman proud, “Hey Matt! Boy do I have a proposal for you!”

“No Dave,” I replied, “I’m not taking over your Gruul’s instance with those scrubs you wiped endlessly on.”

“Ah, but I’m talking about raiding Sunwell. We could use a few healers to help us out. Do you have any plans for the evening?”

I need to build up my tolerance. I can handle telemarketers and solicitors just fine. But a shot at Sunwell trash? My knees went weak at the thought of wiping in a raid instance that I’ve never done yet.

Odd, yes. I’m sure you’re used to it by now.

The setup

  • 2 Tanks
  • 8 Healers
  • 15 DPS

The strategy calls for 3 tanks. The Guild I did it with (thanks Artifice!) performed with only 2 tanks. I don’t want to explain the fight in too much detail. Suffice it to say, it’s a bit on the complicated side. But after a few wipes and attempts, you get a feel for it quite easily. Think of the encounter as Romulo and Julianne on Ecstasy. There’s an inner demon that Kalecgos is working on and he needs help. Tanks are needed for the big dragon himself in the real world and on the inner demon in Kalecgos’ inner brain. Every once in a while, someone in the raid gets portal’d into his head and a portal appears at random around the area. The raid is divided into four groups. When a player gets portal’d in, his group has to follow him in there and help him out and burn the inner demon.

Like R & J, both the dragon and the demon need to be burned down together as close as possible. Once either of them hit 10%, they both enrage. As their health drops, their enrage gets that much stronger.

Thankfully, both the demon and the dragon are tauntable. Our tanks alternated as much as possible inside and outside to hold aggro on both bosses. The inside guy needs to be distracted as much as possible since he will be tanked by the human Kalecgos. If he dies, it’s game over.

My role as a CoH Priest is an easy one: Maintain raid health as best as I can. The four groups our raid was divided into had two healers each. One of them was on the tank, the other was on the group itself.

Things you want to hear over vent

Here’s a few key phrases that I heard as we were going through the encounter:

  1. *tank name* taunting down low – A tank signaling that he’s in position inside and ready to open up on the demon.
  2. *tank name* taunting high – A tank signaling that he’s got aggro on Kalecgos and any healers on the surface need to keep an eye on him.
  3. Name, portal, group number – Indicates who has been portaled and what group number should be going in.
  4. Portal, location – Says where the portal is so that the group that needs to go in knows where to run to.
  5. Decurse – Person’s been cursed and needs it removed after a few ticks. The curse itself doesn’t actually fall off. It resets to 0 and jumps to another player.

Last points

If you’re having some problems, consider packing a Violet Badge. The boss does apply a random AoE debuff. Remember that this debuff is binary. Either you resist it or you don’t. There is no partial. I left mine in the bank but several DPS players had theirs equipped and I think it had a positive effect on healing.

We killed Kalecgos after 8 or so attempts. We were very close each time averaging around 9% or less before the raid buckled.

Two Bracers of the Forgotten Conqueror
One Bracer of the Forgotten Vanquisher
One Legplates of the Holy Juggernaut

Remember when you’re doing the daily bombing run on the island? Ever wondered who would win the fight between Brut and that blue guy in the sky?

Note: The following images may not be for the faint hearted.


13 Things Every WoW Player Should Know How to Do

Take and understand criticism – Accept the fact that there will always be players better than you. When you meet such a person, listen to what they are saying as objectively as possible. Be sound with your reasoning and logic. Sit from their perspective and figure out what reason they would have to criticize your performance. I rarely have problems with the people in my Guild, but if their WoW-playing is not up to par, the beast does get unleashed.

Recognize someone who is lying in game – There are many tools that we have at our disposal that helps paint a clear picture on the events leading to a wipe. The evidence does not lie. We know who breaks what sheep with what ability. We know who’s not healing certain players at certain times. We know people who aren’t respecting the capabilities of threat meters. The flip side of this, is, of course, to know better than to lie about something yourself.

Properly apply to a guild – There’s a certain art to applying for Guilds. They have their own methods and regulations that need to be respected in order to be properly considered. If there’s a template, be sure to follow that template. If you need to speak with a specific individual, make sure you do that, too.

Augment their gear – Priests don’t apply Agility enchants. Warriors don’t add +Spellpower enchants. Casters don’t apply Clefthoof patches. Know what stats are important for the role that you intend to fulfill.

Submit a ticket – There will be times in the game where you’ve accidentally sharded an important piece of gear or face a situation in which other players are powerless to help you. What you need to be able to do is submit a proper GM ticket. Ensure that your ticket has as much information as possible. Include important points like the approximate time of the incident, the names of all parties involved, what you perceived to have happened, etc. Make sure if there is a problem that you contact them fast.

Earn gold – There are multiple ways to earn gold. Dailies are now the most common, the next highest would be trade-related items being placed on the Auction House, and finally selling services via the Trade Channel. Know how to do some farming and place your goods for sale. Recognize good times to buy and good times to sell (Hint: When are most raiding guilds raiding? When do Arena points hit?)

Advertise in trade – Know how to properly advertise and how to ask for services. I commonly see people in trade chat ask for things very vaguely. It’s much more effective to add more detail. Specify what enchant you’re looking for so you can save time – “LF enchanter for Mongoose. Have Mats. Will Tip” will get a much better response than “LF High Lvl enchanter.”

Use the auction house – Understand how to utilize the auction house in such a way where you can recognize deals when you see them. When placing items for sale in the auction house, do not drastically undercut other players selling the same items. Understand the approximate value of what items are worth via supply and demand principles. There are a couple of mods out there that can help you with this – Auctioneer, BtmScanner, or Beancounter all have arbitrage features. Know how to work your server’s economy to your advantage.

Use the map and locations – Lots of navigation and travelling must be done in World of Warcraft for players to advance through the game. Understanding how to read the map properly and recognize coordinates is a huge thing that some players seem to have trouble doing. Know your compass directions. Try to have a general idea of how long it takes for you to travel to certain parts of the map.

Research and look up information – Other players are not walking libraries. Learn how to search up items, quests, and NPCs on the different search engine sites like Thottbot, WoW DB, and WoWhead. Being able to do this means you’re at least independent and sufficient enough to not have to rely on other people so constantly.

Use the /ignore function – Don’t waste time commenting in trade that someone is spamming, and don’t waste time talking to immature players who harass you for everything from run throughs to gold. Blizzard gave you the ability to never have to talk to these people again – know how to use it.

Control Aggro – If you constantly outthreat the tank and you fail to recognize this, you will pull aggro & die. Learn how to read addons like Omen and configure it in such a way that is of maximum benefit.

PvP – While this skill is not so common on PvE servers, it is nevertheless something to learn when you decide to dabble in a bit of PvP action. Learn what spells to use to escape, survive longer, and kill your opponents. Obviously the priorities here will vary by class. I know as a Priest I like to hold onto my Psychic Scream as long as possible. The point is that even if you don’t ever want to run through a Battle Ground or form an Arena team, you have to have some basic knowledge of how to defend yourself, because even on a PvE server, it will come up eventually.

Macros – The use of macros can help simplify actions in the game. They allow you to string numerous actions into a simple click or keystroke. If you’d like a quick primer on the use of macros, I strongly suggest checking out the introductory guide at Priestly Endeavors.

New Spiritual Guidance

Post is up over at WoW Insider.

If you like it, I edited it. If you find a mistake, Matt changed it back….

Go check it out!