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No Kara Key? No Worries!

Several of my colleagues have already reported this. But players no longer need a key to get into Karazhan. What you do need is 1 player with a key to let everyone in. The concept is similar to that of Arcatraz.

As Eyonix said:

It’s not a matter of difficulty, really. We wanted to make it more alt friendly at this point. I’ve gotten my kara key on four characters, and have helped a dozen others. I’m really quite content with never having to work on the attunement quest for kara again. Also, you should note that at least one person in the raid will need the Master’s Key, as the gate will function much like Arcatraz or Shattered Halls.

What about them noobs?

My stance on this is that you’re responsible for the raid group you’re joining. If you’re leading it and don’t agree with having an undergeared player with the group, then you can just remove them from the raid. Karazhan isn’t as hard as it used to be when TBC first came out. A lot of the trash in the instance got removed. A lot of players understand how the fights work now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see players on their 5th alt running Karazhan (I’m on my 3rd).

I suppose the argument here is similar to that of noobs going into Black Temple. So what if they can get into Karazhan and BT and such? It doesn’t mean they’re going to succeed most of the time. And if they happen to be holding back your raid group, you have the right to remove them. If I get pickups who are interested in joining my group, I typically screen their gear and their spec first before saying yes or no. A simple check before hand can save many  heartaches later.

It seems to me that there are some players out there who are too darn nice and don’t know how to uninvite someone from a party or a group. All that needs to happen is for the raid leader to right click their name and uninvite. Voila!

Problem solved.

Professor Layton: My Anti-WoW

Professor Layton: My Anti-WoW

I might have mentioned my affinity for puzzles. When I was younger, I’d frequently read Clue books as well as Encyclopedia Brown and try to solve them for fun. After a strong recommendation from a friend and seeing it crop up on various gaming sites that I go to, I decided to give Professor Layton and the Curious Village a try. The game is for the DS and it’s been around for a while in Japan. But it came out recently for the US players.

Here’s a quick trailer:

I’m hooked!

Anyway, the game has a TON of brain teasers and other problems to solve. There’s a lot of riddles. If you catch me in the BA chatroom, you can often hear my cries of agony and frustration and whoops of joy when I finally solve it after staring at the problem for an hour. The puzzles vary in difficulty.

9 out of 10 Matt’s would recommend this game for ANY gamer. The 1 Matt is too busy playing to give his recommendation.


Here’s a few straight out of the game:

1: Fifteen people are trapped aboard a ship that’s going to sink in exactly 20 minutes. Their only chance for survival is the five person life raft stowed on their vessel. To make matters worse, the waters around the ship are teeming with man-eating sharks, so swimming to safety is out of the question.

A round trip to the nearest island and back to the boat takes nine minutes on the raft. How many people will live to see dry land?

2: Five suspects are called into police headquarters for questioning and give the following statements.

A) One of the five of us is lying
B) Two of the five of us are lying
C) I know these guys and three of the five are lying
D) Out of the five, only four of us are lying
E) All five of us are liars!

The police want to release those that are telling the truth. How many people should they let go?

3: Imagine a digital clock. How many times will the clock display three or more of the same number in a row over the course of one day? Keep in mind, this digital clock is on a 12 hour scale that only shows hours and minutes.


(Highlight below)

1: 13 people. 5 go to the island, 1 brings the boat back. He takes on another 4 people to the island and comes back. That’s enough time to get an additional 4 more people. 5 + 4  + 4.

2: 1 person. Everyone is accusing a different number of people. It has to be one suspect assuming anyone is telling the truth. It would appear that suspect D gets to walk.

3: 34. 01:11, 02:22, 03:33, 04:44, 05:55, 11:11, 12:22, 10:00, 11:10, 11:12, 11:13, 11:14, 11:15, 11:16, 11:17, 11:18, 11:19. This is only for the first 12 hours. Multiply that amount by 2 (17 x 2 = 34).

Who is "That Guy" and How Do You Deal With Him?

Photo courtesy of lemort from morguefile 

Several weeks ago I received an interesting link to a forum post titled "So you’re off to BT/Hyjal (A Guide for bads)". It’s a HUMOROUS read for anyone who understands the raid encounters in that area. There’s an interesting bit during the part 2 segment for Black Temple especially in regards to Teron Gorefiend.

Here’s a quick snippet:

Teron Gorefiend:

The key to this fight is prayer. Before attempting this boss, everyone in the raid take a 15 minute break to address their deity of choice. Their request is simple: Please don’t let THAT GUY get Marked for Death. if everyone prayed hard, this fight should be extremely easy, everyone goes about their merry way hitting things, healing things, killing ghosts, and collecting loots. However if your raid didn’t pray hard enough THAT GUY will get marked for death, possibly followed by THAT OTHER GUY, causing a whole bunch of skeletons to run into the raid and 23 people to groan loudly on vent, this simply means you didn’t try hard enough with your prayer, human sacrifice is also an option. Once your bloodthirsty gods have had their fill of human hearts, you can collect your elemental shaman totem and thrown weapon (YOU DESERVE IT!).

Every Guild Has one

That’s the cold reality of the situation. A good glimpse at determining whether or not your Guild has THAT GUY is the Big Bad Wolf encounter in Karazhan. He’s the person that you dread getting the debuff because he’s not very good at handling it or just downright… fails. Their attitude and their spirit may be in the right place. But that doesn’t amount to anything if they’re not able to battle through.

There are technical encounters in the game where the success of a raid rides on the ability of one player.

So what do you do about THAT GUY?

Educate him

Have someone sit down with him 1 on 1 and figure out what the problem is. Teach THAT GUY as much as possible. Show THAT GUY a few "training" videos on how to get past that phase that he has trouble with. Give him a few links to excellent sites that might help him get a big picture idea of what to do.

Remember that a lot of people learn differently. Some absorb information better when they "see" it. Some are great at processing a ton of stuff that’s said to them or on a screen (such students make me jealous). I’m more of a hands on learner.

But if that doesn’t seem to be working…

Bench him

As a raid leader and GM, you will have to make a few touch choices throughout your WoW raiding career. One of them involves making THAT GUY sit out for a fight in the interests of progression. You may not like it. THAT GUY may not like it. But don’t forget you’ve got the pressure of 23 other people in the raid looking to you to make the call or fix the problems somehow.

Obviously, no GM envies having to tell a player that they suck and must bring in someone more competent (in a nice way).

Two reactions

Expect 1 of 2 reactions when you break the news to them and be prepared for it:

Tantrum: The worse case (or best case) scenario is a GQuit. They get so heated up that you question their ability to play. There is a feeling of disbelief and betrayal that anyone especially the GM could think such a thing. After all, their image as an "awesome" WoW player has been shattered and reality has set in. So they end up attempting to cause huge drama and rouse the Guild against the GM. Such coups usually fail.

Acceptance: The mark of a good Guildie is one who accepts their short comines. He understands that he’s not quite there yet in terms of performance. He’s willing to sit out this boss for the next one in the interests of progression. Hopefully you’ll find one of these types of players instead of the one above.

Whatever the case, there is no denying that THAT GUY is a part of every Guild. It’s up to you and your Guild to figure out the best way to deal with THAT GUY or else sooner or later, you will have some very frustrated players.

7+2 Healing Haikus – Keep Your Tanks Alive Through the Power of Poetry

I can’t exactly remember what inspired me about a Haiku. I was reading up a little bit about Zen. The original idea was me emailing out various healing bloggers for quick one liners on healing tips and lessons for their class.

But then I decided what the heck? Let’s make them work a little bit. How about we convert that wisdom into some haikus for our readers?

MK of

In vanilla WoW
Priests topped the healing. But now?
Out healed by shaman

Kestrel of Kestrel’s Aerie

A frisbee alights
Like the wind it moves again
Joy–the boss is down.

Zerei of Blood Paladin

If you’re deciding
between this upgrade and that,
balance is the key!

Lady Jess of Lady Jess

Zing tank in the head
Renew steadily ticking
Greater heal not flash

Softi of Softthistle’s Spot

H-O-T’s, gotta love
Em. Lifebloom times three and
Rejuv saves my butt!

My own contribution

Your tank is dying
When renew is not enough
Spam flash heal you must

Leafy of Leafshine

Leafshine stacking heals
Always keeping Rejuv up
Or the tank go splat

Kirk of Priestly Endeavors

**Kirk wrote an excellent masterpiece. I’ll post a snippet here.**

Flashes and tones as candles burn
unacceptable green spreads

Past horses and grooms
Ancient love in need redeemed
Weren’t you on main tank?

Read the rest

A special thanks to the contributors =). Feel free to comment with some of your own!

Edit: Here’s one more that I forgot 🙁

Siha of Banana Shoulders

For your safety, mage
Do not pull agro again
– BoP is on cooldown.

Weekly Digest: 4 New Bosses Down, Healers Lie, and the BA Podcast

Weekly Digest: 4 New Bosses Down, Healers Lie, and the BA Podcast

What’s Happening in WoW

I mentioned earlier that we took down High Warlord Najentus and and Azgalor. Tonight we rocked BT further by one shotting Supremus and like 7 shotting Shade of Akama.

Band of the Abyssal Lord – Lang
Nether Shadow Tunic – Grid

Blind-Seers Icon – Sasette
Shadow-Walker’s Cord – Ronin

By the way, we’re still looking for a healer and an enhancement shaman (or a part time warlock). Three day raiding schedule! The only minimum gear requirement is Karazhan or badge loot. ZA stuff is a plus.

We took a lot of shots on Teron Gorefiend and we were able to consistently get him down to around 20 – 30% range on the first few hours. But we’ve been able to successfully identify "that guy" (will do a post on that later explaining what that means).

I really enjoyed this encounter because I get to do some DPS. All those days as a kid where I used to sit in an arcade and play some mortal kombat or play starcraft at home pays off in this fight. I stopped playing fighting games because of one reason: the shock rat. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, all those games I played involving fast movement and quick reaction time helped a lot.


Because of the gimmick. You get hit with a debuff that kills you after 30 seconds. But when you die, you get to control a little ghost pet. Think of it as similar to the Chess event where you have to use your pet’s abilities to win. Theres these four mobs that spawn when you "die" and you have to use your ghost pet to kill them or stall them from getting to the raid.

I clocked about 3140 damage per second. 180 APM? You bet. 😉

Here’s a video to demonstrate the process:

What’s Happening with the Blog

I changed up my links section drastically. Now it’s going to point to a new service called Tumblr. What I plan to do is store any links, stories, videos, quotes, images, and etc that don’t merit a blog post on their own and are too large for twitter. Think of it more as an asides page where I put up anything I find interesting and want to share. And it may not always be WoW related.

Check out my tumblog!

I’m also currently considering the implementation of votes for my posts. It’s a widget suggested by notable blogger Game Dame. Readers would be able to rate the posts on my blog on a five star scale. You might have seen it implemented on several blogs. The only thing stopping me at the moment are reasons technical and time related.

By the way, the first Blog Azeroth podcast episode has been finished and should be undergoing post production within the week. The speakers this week included Galadria, Fumbleknock, and myself.

Latest Blog Posts

Here are the posts from this week:

20 Questions by Matticus

This week I had a chance to sit down with Siha of Banana Shoulders.

Past Hits

Past columns I have written that still hold true to this day.

20 Questions with Siha

Every week, Matt gets a chance to sit down with a WoW Blogger chosen by Matt’s right wing. Find out a little more about your favourite bloggers as he tries to get to know them a little more!

This week, Siha of the Banana Shoulders was awesome enough to stop healing for a few minutes to answer a few questions.

Tell us a bit more about yourself and how you got into gaming and World of Warcraft.

In the real world, I’m a very geeky girl living in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve always been into geeky pursuits, and I’ve been a roleplaying gamer (i.e. pen-and-paper/tabletop gaming, particularly Shadowrun, Exalted and Dungeons & Dragons) for fifteen or sixteen years. I first got into MMOs with Ultima Online – a bunch of my workmates were playing, it sounded awesome, I picked it up… and loved it, until they all fled UO for EQ and somehow I missed the MMO memo. I came back to MMOs with SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) and that led me to EQ2… and then WoW.

How did you come to power in your Guild?

Well, my guild – Southern Wardens – was formed in 2003, as an Aussie guild in Star Wars Galaxies. In mid-04 people started getting excited about the upcoming EQ2 and WoW releases. Most of the guild went to EQ2, and I was guild leader for the EQ2 section of the guild, but over time people started trickling across to WoW as it was frankly much more fun. Eventually I went with the flow, picked up WoW in early ’05 to check it out… and I don’t think I ever logged into EQ2 again. I became an officer in SW fairly quickly; I’d been an officer in SWG and guild leader in EQ2, and the guys knew I’m an organiseaholic (and therefore good for delegating stuff to!) We had three previous guild leaders in WoW, but all had to stop playing or drop back to very casual hours for RL reasons; I tended to work very closely with the previous incumbent, so when he had to stop playing, I was the obvious choice. The short version, of course, is "because no other lazy sod would do the damn job when I tried to give it away". 🙂

I asked Kestrel if he had any advice for up and coming GM’s. I’m going to ask you something similar. What is one mistake that you’ve learned the most from throughout your time as GM?

Not communicating things quickly enough. Good lines of communication are essential with your guild; if your guild trusts that the officer crew are managing things equitably and transparently, they’re more willing to accept that the decisions you make are for the good of the guild, and more willing to speak up calmly about problems instead of causing storms of drama. And, of course, you stand a better chance of actually keeping your guildies satisfied.

What are your initial impressions of 2.4?

I really like it. I think some of the high-level raid decisions by Blizzard are fairly insane – like taking stamina off a lot of the T6 pieces in Sunwell Plateau, or adding T6-equivalent badge loot – but I think the world event is going to be much more fun (and less server- destroying) than the AQ40 and Naxx world events. The Shattered Sun quests are a great expansion to the dailies, and overall I’m just happy with it. Plus there are some great specific additions – the ability to link spells and quests in chat channels like you can now with items, for instance, or the badges of justice that will be dropping from many 25-man raid bosses. Thumbs up.

What made you pick a Paladin over the other 3 healing classes?

I like healers, and always have. My SWG main was a Master Doctor/Teras Kasi Master (TK being the unarmed martial arts in SWG); my EQ2 main was a Templar (a plate-wearing cleric)… the ‘healer who can take a melee beating’ is just a fun archetype. To be honest, though, I didn’t really realize I was picking a main I’d still be playing and raiding with three years later!

Why are protection Paladins so freakin’ hard to kill and what is their one weakness?

Hard to kill: like any other tank, they have great armor, stamina and survivability. They’re hard to kill in PvE content, too – just ask the raid bosses who die at their feet every week. 😉 Plus from a PvP perspective it’s particularly tough for melee classes to take them on; the mechanics of tankadins means that they specialise in reflected damage (from Holy Shield, Retribution Aura, Blessing of Sanctuary and some gear choices) so any meleer who’s trying to beat on a prot pally is more likely to kill themselves than the pally. Weakness: can’t kill a damn thing? Does that count? More seriously: everything a paladin will use in PvP (unless they’re a Ret pally) is a Holy spell. Lock down their holy school with interrupts, counterspells, slams and the like and they can’t do _anything_ – no Holy Shield, no bubble, no heals, no nuffin’.

Have you ever been treated differently as a female gamer by other > players?

Never, actually. I wish all female gamers were as fortunate.

So with all that healing gear you have on, how is levelling in the expansion going to be?

Just fiiiiiiiine, thanks to the change in 2.3 where healing gear adds spell damage. For a healer/offtank-specced character, I can put out some decent DPS – I’m not going to be winning any contests, but it’s fine for most questing. I’ll likely respec to 40/0/21 shockadin spec for some heftier DPS (sacrificing my ability to offtank, which doesn’t matter for levelling) and I’m not anticipating any problems at all.

You have your own domain and webhosting for your blog so I can see > you’re fairly committed to the blogging enterprise. Your 2.4 notes have been terrific and insightful. What can readers expect to see from Banana Shoulders in the next year?

I’m hoping to have time to get deeper into analysis and some light theorycrafting about paladins and general game mechanics. I also enjoy writing guides, like my guides to the daily quests or to holy paladin tanking, so there will be more of those if I see a subject that needs writing about. And finally, I’m really hoping to get into the WotLK beta (as I did for the TBC beta) so you can expect a lot of WotLK blogging if that happens. In particular, I wrote a popular jewelcrafting levelling guide during the TBC beta ("Siya’s Jewelcrafting Guide" for those of you that used it), and I’d like to provide a similar service for Inscription (and, of course, Jewelcrafting 376+).

What would the 51 point holy talent be?

I’m not actually sure, to be honest. My initial response would be "please god, some kind of multi-target heal" but I’m not entirely sure that’s appropriate. That one needs some thought. So for now I’ll just say "a multi-target heal, please!". 🙂 >

Speed questions

Being a successful raid healer requires:

Situational awareness and focus.

Best way to wipe:

The very first time a hunter discovers that pets path funny when he jumps down from a high ledge. Hellooooo, half of BRD, we’re very pleased to see you!

Most common excuse for your tank dying:

On Teamspeak: "Uh, guys, WoW crashed. Have you pulled yet?"



Favourite non-combat pet:

The Robotic Homing Chicken, from a loot card in the WoW Trading Card Game.

Favourite non-WoW related stress releasing activity:

Watching escapist TV – current favourites for that category are NCIS, Family Guy, Scrubs or Burn Notice.

I can’t heal without my:

background music.

Name of your 2H DPS mace (all Paladins have one, don’t lie):

That Thing In Bank Bag #6 That I Don’t Have Room For In My Bags. (Actually, it’s a Hammer of the Naaru off Maulgar.)

Best way to say no to a guild member:

Make my 2IC do it. (We’re good cop, bad cop.) …I kid. Mostly. The best way is to be firm but fair, and try and suggest an alternative that might meet their needs.

3 things you want to see more of on other blogs:

  • Well-written guides that make information accessible (eg Dwarf Priest’s guide to priests in PvP, Big Bear Butt’s guide to feral tanking, etc.)
  • Universally-useful information – for example, not just "we killed Gruul today!" (though that’s great), but "we killed Gruul today, and here’s a new strat we developed that works really well for that fight if you don’t have enough healers!"
  • Links to me! 😉

Special thanks to:

My 2IC Alinden for all the hard work he puts into helping run the guild and coordinate our raids. My guild as a whole for being so damn awesome (four first kills in four weeks, hooray!). And the folks in the Blog Azeroth chatroom – especially Valenna, Nightravyn, TJ, Bear, Bellwether, Phae, Megan and your good self – who have all provided lots of good company (albeit at weird hours, you strange Northern Hemisphere people, you!) and an inspiration to be a better blogger.

Banana Shoulders is an excellent resource for Holy Paladins and authored by a terrific person! While you’re visiting, don’t forget to subscribe to Siha’s blog!

High Warlord Naj’entus and Azgalor Taken Down

Gloves of the Forgotten Vanquisher x 2
Don Rodrigo’s Poncho

First T6 gloves go to Deidrich (Rogue) and the next pair went to Sassette (Mage). The Poncho went to our only resto druid in the raid, kilmster! Yay! Azgalor was taken down within the first 30 minutes of the raid tonight without any wipes.

Ring of Captured Storms
Fists of Mukoa

Hankwilliams with the gloves and Ravenx with the bling ring. This boss marked the first time since March of last year that I decided to change my healing spec for a boss encounter. I switched it up from my Imp. DS build to a CoH build. I think the extra instant heals helped a lot. Each application of CoH hits for about 1000+. It was a messy take down, however. I figure about 10 people got floored throughout the entire fight.

Someone had the stupid spear and the only 2 players close by was an elemental shaman and a holy paladin. Both were asked to get the spear. But there’s no way the Paladin can do it if he’s on the main tank.

I might have to do a blog post in the future about situational awareness.

Oh and yes, we are recruiting another holy priest or some other kind of healer. Why did you ask?

Step by step: Dishing out Pain as a Priest

Last week I plugged in my weekly digest. Yesterday, she published an excellent flowchart detailing actions for both shadow priests and holy priests concerned with dealing damage.

Players who play with me know I’m utterly hopeless in dealing damage in any kind of environment PvP or PvE. I just might actually have a prayer of a chance in levelling once WotLK is released.

“Playing as a shadow priest in a raid or group environment largely depends on keeping your damage over time (DoT) spells up on mobs while minding the cooldowns of some of your direct damage spells. This is called spell juggling.”

If you’re a shadow priest who wants to perfect your game a little bit or a holy priest who wants to at least deliver a bloody nose to that player that’s ganking you, give this lengthy piece a read. It goes to show that you learn something new everyday.

Which Raiding Aspect of 2.4 are you Looking Forward To? [NEW POLL]

Image courtesy of thanx from SXC

The PTRs are chugging along. Every day there are new builds and new changes that are matched by restored abilities (such as the warlock buff). Most of the heckling now revolves around class balancing and the like. The changes to the 25 man raids are aimed at helping every guild at any level to progress in the game as much as possible before the next expansion arrives.

What are you looking forward to in raids?

So, this is a really large patch! There’s no way I can squeeze every change onto my side poll. Therefore, I’m condensing it to raid related changes only.

Increase in gold drops from 25 man bosses

This is a huge boon for players like me who don’t have the time or the energy to farm on a regular basis. It will help offset repair bills somewhat. I was told 25 man bosses would drop 500g resulting in 25 per player. On the other hand, there’s a screenshot out there in existence with Brutalis dropping 250g (10 per player).

Additional set token drops from 25 man bosses

I wonder now if they’ll end up increasing the amount of loot that drops from non-set token dropping bosses to equalize the amount of loot they provide. The extra token drops will help in terms of progression, that’s for sure.

Removal of attunements in Mount Hyjal and Black Temple

There’s been a ton of reactions to the removal of attunements. I killed Kael several weeks ago and all I’m about to get is some lousy title. I can kind of understand where players are coming from about their wasted time and such. To be honest, I’m looking forward to this change the most. Why? Because then I won’t ever have to step back into SSC and TK to attune ONE more player EVERY week. A lot of blogs I’ve read haven’t even mentioned that. I guess they’re too focused on the individual to think of the whole. Just think about all that time that is now freed up without having to go back into the T5 areas.

New raid instance and challenges

The last real world event we had was Naxx, wasn’t it? Even then, I never really participated that much. It’s nice to have another world event to participate in again as well as a new raiding instance.

Shiny new purples

Don’t kid yourself. There’s a small loot whore in every single one of us. We all want the best gear in the game. There’s a ton of new badge loot, faction rewards, and raid drops.

Honourable Mention

Druid nerfs

I was going to list druid nerfs as a possible 6th option. Somehow, I don’t think that would go over very well with several of my esteemed blogging colleagues. I might wake up one morning and find one of my wings on my shoulders shredded or something. Who knows what druids do for pranks anyway?

If what you’re looking forward to isn’t listed on the poll, then by all means leave a comment stating what you can’t wait to see!

Which Raiding Aspect of 2.4 are you Looking Forward to the Most?

  • All those new shiny purples! (30%, 136 Votes)
  • Additional set tokens from 25 man bosses! (27%, 122 Votes)
  • New raid instance and challenge! (25%, 110 Votes)
  • Removal of attunements into Mount Hyjal and Black Temple! (11%, 49 Votes)
  • Increase in Gold drops from 25 man bosses! (7%, 29 Votes)

Total Voters: 446

Loading ... Loading ...

No More WordPress for Me

Well, at least I won’t be using it to write my posts and pages anymore. I’ve used a combination of ScribeFire and the WordPress dashboard to craft my posts. At the moment, I’m compiling my post via Windows Live Writer! I should have made the switch sooner. But man, this program rocks! It handles like any other Office program which is great because the feeling of familiarity is there (I’ve had to work with Word a lot throughout school).


Free: I like free. Do you like free? I think I’m getting the bang for the buck here.

Scheduled Posting: Yes, you can do that on WordPress as well. But you’d have to be logged in to your WordPress account. With WLW, I don’t even have to have my browser open anymore.

Inserts: My current WordPress is setup in such a way where I could not use the WYSIWYG editor on WordPress itself or else it would break my blog. As a result, I’ve had to hand code everything in HTML. Now there’s a big time pain. I can insert links, pictures, tables, videos, and Wikipedia links with relative ease.

Adaptable: WLW works with many different blog services. Among the most notable includes WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, and so on. Oh, if you have more than one blog, it can handle multiple accounts simultaneously.

Spell check: I still have to proofread my post. But at least it’s quicker now and I don’t have to guess how to spell a word properly. A simple right click and a list of suggestions can fix that.

Previews: What this does is it allows you to download your style. Therefore when you preview it, you can see how it looks formatted as if it were on your own blog.

Plugins: You can expand and customize WLW with different features based on your tastes. Right now, I’m using Insert Video, Text Template, and Insert Wikipedia Link.

Mac Users

For my MacBook, I’m going to give ecto a spin. This one came highly recommended to me courtesy of Siha.

On a side note to feral tanks

When you’re about to tank Azgalor, please don’t shift to Cat form when he’s under 5 yards away from you.

Our Main Tank did just that yesterday and he exploded. I had iTunes open with the Benny Hill theme queued. Talk about timing.