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But for those of you that do, head over to Brigwyn’s blog. If I time it correctly, the interview should be posted (he told me 3 AM PST). I managed to sneak some time in to answer a few questions he had about myself and my work.

This link should work.

Here’s a preview:

There are many who feel that the Official Forums are basically a vile pit of nastiness that may put out an occasional golden nugget.  Do you ever visit and post? If not, is there a way for Blizzard to improve upon this?

No and I attribute that to a lack of time. I’m either busy reading, writing, or raiding. The times I do visit the forums is when a blue post is made that I need to take a look at. Blizzard provides the facilities where people can discuss and present ideas. It’s up to the people to not abuse that right. You can’t realistically expect Blizzard to reach out at players from the monitor and slap them around whenever players write something moronic. It is difficult for people to change. You put a 15 year old behind a screen and give them a keyboard, and they’ll say the rudest and destructive stuff without caring what people will think of them. You put a 15 year old in front of a linebacker, and he won’t say anything short of "hello Mister". Until Blizzard hires 11 million goons to moderate the activities of players, there’s not much Blizzard can improve.

I’m supposed to be guest appearing on a podcast sometime at the end of the week, too. I think. The host, she hasn’t gotten back to me yet. Who knows?

Speaking of podcasts, have you listened to the Rawrcast? They’re a relatively new podcast. Just yesterday they released their 5th episode.

On a side note, podcasting powerhouse Medros is about to hit his 100th podcast. I think that’s tomorrow.

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