SYTYCB: 12 (or More!) Songs for a Musical Karazhan


This is Crutch’s SYTYCB week 2 entry.

Has raiding Karazhan become a weekly chore? Something you put up with just to get your 22 badges? Have you gotten to the point where your raid instructions for bosses are “Kill stuff heal stuff don’t suck”?

It sounds like you’re ready for Musical Karazhan!

To play Musical Karazhan, get a DJ (yourself, of course!) and nine other raiders into vent (or TS, or the communication program of your choice), but instead of using vent for raid instructions, you use it as a jukebox for the raid.

I recommend using fairly well known songs for trash, music that is either amusing or classic. You want to entertain your raiders as much as possible, after all. If you’d like, you can even take requests!

Most important, however, are the songs you use for bosses. And hey, what would I be doing here without giving you some recommendations?

(Warning: Some of the videos may be NSFW.)

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Opening Theme – Ghostbusters: Get yourself in the mood for some ghost slaying with a little movie classic… because, really… are you afraid of these ghosts?

MidnightTheme to Mr. Ed: I’ve always thought Midnight was the more… formidable opponent. The comparison of Wilbur to Attumen is just a bonus.

MoroesBe Our Guest: Moroes just wants to serve you dinner. Most people would prefer not to become undead first, though. I must admit, however, I always get just a little hungry during that part of the raid. All that tasty looking food on the tables… I think I’d better get myself a pizza.

Maiden of Virtue – Like a Virgin: Surrounded by all of those concubines and succubi, it’s hard to believe that Maiden is still virtuous. However, if she wants to be like a virgin, it’s fine with me.

Opera – Each event requires something a little different. (I can’t quite bring myself to wimp out and provide you only one song…)
Big Bad Wolf – Little Red Riding Hood: Because you’re everything a big bad wolf could want! aaooooooooooww…
Wizard of Oz – We’re off to see the Wizard: (Dark Side of the Rainbow might be a little obscure for most raiding audiences, hmm?)
Romeo and Juliet – #1 Crush: (Bonus points and cookies if you can get anyone to faint by remembering the movie…)

Nightbane – Through the Fire and Flames: You’re almost halfway through! Make sure to give your fellow raiders a bit of a pick-me-up. Although, you might warn them to turn down their speakers a little bit first…

Curator – Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto: We want to thank you, Curator, for giving us our first taste of tier sets all those months ago. Also for making our DPS feel mighty about those amazing crits during Evocate.

IllhoofThe Devil Went Down to Georgia (and there are other versions as well!)

Shade of Aran – Shade of Aran chant: Sometimes, you still have to give raid instruction. Thankfully, in this case, you get the raid instruction and the song at the same time! Of course, if the chant reminds you too much that you’re in Karazhan, you can always try another take on Flame Wreath…

Netherspite – I Swear I Saw a Dragon: With lion’s head and eyes of red, this dragon may be the hardest challenge in a musical Karazhan run. I recommend setting up assignments before you start the run.

Chess EventThe Story of Chess: Learn about why chess was invented, as you take down that cheating Medivh. Don’t cheat when you play actual chess later, cheaters never win! (I mean, just look at Medivh…)

PrinceStill Alive: Rub it in Prince’s face that, even after all of these bosses, you’re still alive. And when he’s dead you will be still alive. Well, at least as long as you don’t get bad infernals.

What songs would you add for Musical Karazhan? Perhaps you want to extend this to SSC/TK, or even MH/BT? Share with us your song ideas, so that all of our future Musical Raiding may be a triumph!

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  1. *standing ovation* Absolutely brilliant post!! Loved it! 🙂

  2. Nice! I usually have techno playing in the background during raids (too many boss fight videos have used it for their soundtracks 🙂 ), but thematic music for a raid would be fun.

    One alternative I’d suggest for chess is One Night in Bangcock.

  3. Thank you!

    Did you know One Night in Bangkok is actually from the same musical? For some reason One Night became really popular, but all the other songs languished in obscurity. I’m sure it has nothing to do with it being a musical about Chess… >_<

  4. It appears I was slow on my Chess reference song, lol, There were no comments when I said that for the record

    snostreblas last blog post..What I have been up to..

  5. Encore!

    The Pete’s Dragon video was the best, but that probably is because I’m old enough to…well, never mind that.

    Kestrels last blog post..WoW Blogs: Not Just a Niche Anymore

  6. Gah, Veleda beat me to the punch on One Night in Bangcock. I actually just started listening to music while playing Wow. For some reason I always just listened to the end game music before now. Having personal playlists definitely make grinding out mobs a lot more bearable.

  7. @crutch: I didn’t realize they were both from Chess, but it’s not at all surprising. I like The Story of Chess, too, but it sounds like a song from a musical (which it is). One Night in Bangcock became popular because it got a lot of airplay on the radio, at the time, because it sounded like a pop song. It was only years later than I learnt it was from a musical.

  8. I thought this was a really cool idea for a post! Sometimes music can be very motivational!

    I swear, one of our raiders playing snippets of “Everybody Dance Now” over vent helped us get our first kill on Vashj.

  9. My guild likes to call Netherspite ‘Discospite’ because of the beams, so perhaps something in that realm?

  10. Thanks for making me laugh and remember the good times we had in Kara. Ghostbusters is hilarious. Like a Virgin, too. Sadly many of the videos are not available in Germany -.-

    Yashimas last blog post..See my interface

  11. For Midnight, I’d recommend “Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy” by Big and Rich.

    For Maiden, I’d recommend “Clothes Off” by Gym Class Heroes

  12. I may not agree with all of the song choices (or know what they all are), but this was a GREAT post. I even read it to my husband!

  13. #1 Crush – great song, great movie. The entire soundtrack is good, in fact 🙂

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